Deep Purple – Burn Review

Posted: July 7, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Deep Purple - Burn

Deep Purple - Burn

Deep Purple really are both survivors and masters of reinvention; in 1969 they were a prog and psychedelic influenced band, with three albums under their belt and when they lost their bassist and singer, they went on to hire Rodger Glover and Ian Gillan and subsequently create some of the most acclaimed rock music in history.

By 1974 however, Rodger Glover and Ian Gillan were gone, and with them the direction that their music had taken for the past four albums.

Rather than be slayed by this, Deep Purple hired David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, and went on to record Burn, one of the best albums in their whole career. Burn saw the band insert huge slices of both funk and soul into their sound, now with a dual singer mechanic and write some of their most enduring material to date.

Not only are the new members hungry and determined, but the core of the band is revitalised… Ian Paice’s already brilliant drumming reached new levels of creativity and power, while Jon Lord’s keyboard style began to incorporate radically different sounds and styles. Add to that Ritchie Blackmore playing guitar like he is trying to prove a point and you have a seriously powerful and creative group, firing on all cylinders and delivering the performance of a lifetime.

Tracks like the explosive opener ‘Burn,’ the grooving and soulful ‘Sail Away,’ and the timeless ‘Mistreated,’ are must hear material for anyone with the slightest interest in Deep Purple or even rock music in general.

Burn may not sound like ‘Hush,’ and it may not sound like ‘Smoke On The Water,’ but don’t let that allow you to miss out on one of the best albums the band ever released. Highly recommended !

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