Deep Purple – Stormbringer

Posted: July 7, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Deep Purple - Stormbringer

With Stormbringer, the 2nd album by MK3 Deep Purple, the band expanded on the soul and funk sound that had been present in part on their previous album Burn.

In some ways Stormbringer is a departure for the band, however it still retains the musicianship and virtuosity associated with Deep Purple; Ian Paice’s own special brand of drum fills are still there and Ritchie Blackmore lays down plenty of great guitar solos to keep you excited. Interestingly Jon Lord has incorporated many new key and synth sounds into his repertoire and the album, especially on the title track is really interesting hearing the trademark Lord virtuosity with completely different tones and style.

Also the dual singer system is put to great use, and if you enjoyed how Coverdale and Hughes worked on the previous album, you really ought to check out Stormbringer, on which the two gel even more and are now more comfortable within the band.

Some people don’t care for Stormbringer, perhaps because at first glance, there aren’t many straight up rock songs and nothing that still sounds very like the MK2 era. Burn treaded the line between both styles, but Stormbringer finds itself jumping feet first into the new style. Judged on its own merits however, Stormbringer is a very good album of fun and interesting songs and you shouldn’t let the general style put you off, because the individual songs are all worth your time.

The song ‘You Can’t Do It Right,’ is amazing, it is one of the most energetic and successful combinations of funk and rock that the band ever made, ‘Lady Double Dealer,’ and ‘High Ball Shooter,’ are another two fast and energetic numbers and the album ends with two really good ballad tracks, ‘The Gypsy,’ and ‘Soldier Of Fortune’ – a track which Opeth fans may recognize!

Overall, Stormbringer may not be your typical Deep Purple album, funkier and more soulful, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it, because it is a solid collection of genuinely enjoyable songs. I definitely recommend it.

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