Deep Purple – Slaves And Masters

Posted: July 12, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters

Deep Purple - Slaves And Masters

Slaves And Masters is the 13th studio album by Deep Purple; it is their only studio album with singer Joe Lynn Turner, who replaced Ian Gillian for this one album, in between a trilogy of MKII reunion albums.

Their previous album, The House Of Blue Light, had been somewhat panned despite the band’s phenomenal live success at the time. It was described as not sounding much like Deep Purple.

Slaves And Masters sounds even less like Deep Purple, with Rainbow’s Joe Lynn Turner on vocals and the band writing very straightforward, workman like samey music. Music is competent, professional and unobjectionable but somewhat lacking in character.

A pretty large amount of ‘Purple fans were turned off by this album, either because they had a stylistic problem (one that this album shared with its predecessor) or because of Joe Lynn Turner. I think Joe does a solid job here, and isn’t to blame for the album’s quality.

The style in and of itself, or indeed the vocals do not make this a bad album. There are no complaints to be made about the production either, but for some reason Slaves And Masters just isn’t a terrific album. It just misses something, some creative spark is absent and while no individual song can honestly be described as poor, the album as a whole never feels incredible. It is for no tangible reason, lesser than the sum of its parts.

There are better Deep Purple albums, but the album is not devoid of all quality by any means. Tracks like ‘Wicked Ways,’ and ‘The Cut Runs Deep,’ still have something to offer and ‘Slow Down Sister,’ is one of the band’s strongest songs in years. The only problem is that, in addition to lacking a certain variety, the album just feels a little forgettable.

In summary; Slaves And Masters should not be unfairly overlooked just because of the vocalist, however it still isn’t the best Deep Purple record you’re going to hear. One to try once you’ve already tried most of their other material first.

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