Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep Review

Posted: July 15, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Deep Purple - Rapture Of The Deep

Deep Purple - Rapture Of The Deep

Deep Purple’s eighteenth studio album, 2005’s Rapture Of The Deep is something you’ll want to listen to if you like the band. It may have come really late in their career, but this is an album you really must check out.

As with their previous album, the acclaimed Bananas, the general quality of the album is just so much higher than you may expect. Deep Purple do have some albums throughout their career that aren’t the best, but, the band did started an upwards trajectory again when Steve Morse joined and Rapture Of The Deep continues on the path of increasing quality.

The guitar tone is bigger and heavier than ever before, the songwriting is clearer and focused than it has been in a decade, even on previous Morse era albums. To top it all off, the album is produced fantastically, the drums are big, the mix is good and Gillan’s voice is handled well.

The rockers on the album, which include ‘MTV,’ ‘Kiss Tommorow Goodbye,’ and if you get the right version, the great ‘Things I Never Said,’ are all absolutely top notch and will reaffirm your love of Deep Purple if you need it, and be a very enjoyable listen anyway if you already like the Morse era.

In addition to the faster rock tracks; the opener and closer, the crunchy ‘Money Talks’ and the philosophical ‘Before Time Began’ respectively, are two of the best tracks on the album and by the band in general since the 70s.

Bananas was a great album, had the right attitude, production and style but could’ve just used a little trim to achieve perfection. Rapture Of The Deep is even closer, the band haven’t been this essential in many years.

Rapture Of The Deep is something every Deep Purple fan should own, even if you just wanted a few of their best albums. Rapture Of The Deep ought to be handed out free with copies of Machine Head to stop people potentially overlooking it. The album is a seriously strong, relevant and interesting release and I strongly urge you to by it and give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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