Deep Purple – Abandon Review

Posted: July 16, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Deep Purple - Abandon

Deep Purple - Abandon

If you come from more of a metal background or at least if you prefer Deep Purple’s heavier side, then Abandon may well be the album you’ll find the best the band have released since the 70s.

If you are actively against metal, and prefer the variety of styles found on some of Deep Purple’s more eclectic albums, then Abandon may come across as a little two-dimensional to you.

Since the 90s, it sort of became easy to ignore the band when Blackmore quit, you would see silly song titles, odd album artwork and think that the albums couldn’t really be good. Judging a book by its cover has time and again proved to foolish however, and if like me, you ignored Purple’s Morse era, then you are actually missing out on some wonderful music.

I had also read reports that Ian Gillan attempted rapping on the opening track ‘Any Fule Kno That,’ and rolled my eyes, resolving to never listen to that. I’m glad I caved in eventually though, it is nowhere near as unpalatable as it sounds, and the track itself is really good, despite the off-putting phonetically spelt title.

Abandon, as previously mentioned is Purple’s heaviest album to date, concentrating on harder rock templates and spends the majority of its time in the mid tempo area, dwelling on distorted riffs before launching into lengthy solos.

Highlights include the blues number ‘Don’t Make Me Happy,’ which reminds me a little of The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking, the surprisingly heavy ‘Seventh Heaven’ with its fun awkward drumming and ’69,’ which is just a great all round Deep Purple sounding number.

On the downside, the vocals have been better, both on older and newer Deep Purple albums, the production is sort of dulled and some of the songs seem to be holding back a little as a result, and lastly while the album is stylistically very good, the songs are missing that special something that makes them classic.

Despite these flaws, Abandon is actually a very good Deep Purple album and you shouldn’t overlook it, I did for a long time and now really regret it.

In summary, Abandon is definitely an album you ought to buy if you are into Purple’s heavier side, but likely won’t do much for you if you aren’t.

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