Machine Head – The More Things Change Review

Posted: July 20, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

Machine Head - The More Things Change

Machine Head - The More Things Change

1997’s The More Things Change is the unsung hero in Machine Head’s discography, never really getting mentioned in list of best albums by magazines or having people ask for it to be played in its entirety live in concert. From what you read, it seems that people mostly got into the band from either their debut Burn My Eyes, the softer and more accessible The Burning Red or else from their universally acclaimed The Blackening album.

The More Things Change may not be as famous as any of those albums, but it is a very strong album in any case. The music is very heavy and groove orientated, with only a slightly darker leaning to the riffs and lyrics changing the formula inherited from its predecessor.

Go to any Machine Head concert in the last decade and you’ll find a healthy portion of the material is from The More Things Change; tracks like ‘Ten Ton Hammer,’ and ‘Take My Scars,’ are absolutely essential listening for Machine Head fans, but even the less famous material like ‘Bay Of Pigs,’ and ‘Blood Of The Zodiac,’ are of the utmost quality.

Everything about this album is good, from the general musical direction to the production and performances. The musicianship is excellent (this is the final album with guitarist Logan Mader and the first album with drummer Dave McClain) Even the artwork and booklet are effective and understated.

This may not be the obvious first port of call for prospective Machine Head fans, but once you get into the band you definitely ought to pick up a copy of The More Things Change, it is a very underrated album and beyond that simply a very good album all round; its very hard, very heavy and almost bleak in atmosphere… I highly recommend it.

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