Down – Down III: Over The Under Review

Posted: July 22, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

Down - Down III: Over The Under

Down - Down III: Over The Under

Down’s third album, Down III: Over The Under was released in 2007 as the band evolved beyond the point of being a super group side project and started being a bone-fide heavy metal institution.

The New Orleans based band released their first album back in 1995 and their second in 2002. Twelve years after their inception, their third album continues on their formula of sludge and southern rock influenced stoner rock.

Over The Under stands apart in Down’s catalogue in that by and large, the music is often faster and more metal orientated in places than the band’s previous two albums. This is not so grand a change as to be labeled a departure however, just a slight shift in focus.

The album is chocked full of big riffs, memorable choruses and a real stompy quality that makes it a joy to listen to. This, coupled with the terrific Sabbathy production job and some of the band’s best lyrics to date makes Over The Under a seriously good album.

Stand out tracks include the live favourite ‘N.O.D,’ the powerful ‘In The Thrall Of It All,’ and the intense ‘Beneath The Tides.’

Phil Anselmo’s voice is powerful and varied enough to carry the entire album from harsher more metal sections, to softer bluesy moments and everything inbetween. His often imitated but never bettered style gives the band an utterly unique quality that separates them from the many bands playing sludge or stoner metal.

If anyone thinks that Down have gotten a free ride on the back of Pantera’s legacy, one listen to Over The Under should convince them otherwise. Down are an excellent band and this album is definitely worth your time and money.

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