Clutch – Live At The 9:30 DVD Review

Clutch - Live At The 9:30 DVD

Clutch - Live At The 9:30 DVD

Clutch’s second DVD release Live At The 9:30 brings together a concert and a full length documentary both primarily celebrating the legacy of the band’s 1995 self titled second studio album.

The live show; Live At The 9:30, features the band live Washington DC in 2009 after the release of Strange Cousins From The West playing a show that centres around playing the entire of their self title album from beginning to end. There are a few tracks either side too, such as ‘Struck Down,’ ‘Minotaur,’ and ‘The Regulators.’

The sound mix and visuals are pretty decent for a band of Clutch’s size, obviously not up to the same standards as millionaire band’s would be able put out, but still professional and everything you really need.

Clutch have always been an amazing live band and so as you can expect there is a lot to be said for the performance, the live versions of songs like ‘Rock N Roll Outlaw,’ ‘Animal Farm,’ and ‘I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth,’ are bursting with energy and attitude.

The documentary; Fortune Tellers Make A Killing Nowadays, clocks in at around 110 minutes and largely consists of interviews from the band, their crew members and many of their fans who are largely either saying what a great band Clutch are or why they love the Self Titled album so much. This is mixed with some making-of footage from Strange Cousins From The West and it is all framed with lots of footage of various roads and cityscapes overlaid with setlists to the tune of live recordings in the tour, including many songs not in the main concert film.

This documentary really should be good, but is just kind of a little too laid back, it doesn’t really achieve anything in particular and takes a long time to not really say anything in particular either, it definitely could have been better but is still worth at least one viewing.

Overall, Live At The 9:30 is a pretty interesting DVD that Clutch fans should definitely consider buying.

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