Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East Review

Posted: August 1, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East

Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East

Judas Priest’s Unleashed In The East is one of those live albums. Album’s like Kiss – Alive, Deep Purple – Made In Japan and Iron Maiden – Live After Death, where the performances are utterly electric and all the songs come alive more than on their studio counterparts.

Unleashed’ was released back in 1979 and consists of material from the four out of the band’s five albums from the seventies performed live in Tokyo, and works as a great compilation of Priest’s early output.

Songs like ‘Victim Of Changes,’ and ‘Diamonds And Rust,’ sound utterly astounding on this album, they have such energy and intensity. The choice of songs is great, the production is great and the band are all great both individually and as a unit.

Debate exists as to how much of the album is or isn’t actually live, for example Rob Halford claims only the vocals were overdubbed in the studio. Personally, I don’t much care either way when the album is this good. The bonus tracks on newer versions also help to redress the balance of material from Hellbent For Leather, of which there was little on the original vinyl.

Overall; Unleashed In The East represents the best of Judas Priest’s early output delivered in a dynamic and energetic fashion. It is an undoubted classic and a clear must have for any Priest fan.

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