Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon Review

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon

Ozzy Osbourne’s third studio album Bark At The Moon was released in 1983 and was the first Ozzy album to feature Jake E Lee on guitar, after the death of original guitarist Randy Rhodes.

Jake E Lee’s has a very different guitar style to either Randy or Zack, which gives his two album’s with the band a unique flavor. The album is still full of dramatic guitar solos and big riffs and should keep guitar fans very happy.

Bark At The Moon contained some hard and heavy numbers but also saw a move in a slightly more commercial direction than the first two albums and as such hasn’t dated just as well as they have. Some songs seen a tad overproduced and some feature synth sounds very much of their time.

The album has some utterly standout music however, such as ‘Bark At The Moon,’ and ‘Rock N Roll Rebel,’ both of which are two of the best songs ever released under the Ozzy Osbourne name. If the whole album was as good as those two songs it would be an unquestionable five star effort. To be absolutely fair, the good to filler ratio isn’t as high as it could be however, and some listeners may find it a little hit and miss.

Legal difficulties between Ozzy and ex-members have spoiled the band’s legacy for a whole generation, making some albums hard to get a hold of, impossible to hear live or reissued with heavy edits and overdubs.

If you plan on buying Bark At The Moon you’ll have a choice between the original, the 1995 cd version with the tiny cover art in a dark purple frame or the 2002 version where the music has been altered and guitar parts are missing but containing the excellent bonus track ‘One Up The B Side.’

Overall, Bark At The Moon isn’t the hands down greatest Ozzy album, but it is still fairly essential for fans, and definitely worth checking out for the two aforementioned tracks.

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