Judas Priest – Point Of Entry Review

Posted: August 3, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

Judas Priest - Point Of Entry

Judas Priest - Point Of Entry

Judas Priest’s Point Of Entry was released just one year after their classic British Steel album, and the band sought to further the radio success of ‘Living After Midnight’ et al with a more commercial sound, but failed to break big critically or commercially. The album is seen as something of a disappointment for a lot of Priest fans.

Stylistically, the album isn’t the fastest or the heaviest Judas Priest album you’re likely to hear, the music is actually much closer to classic rock than to the heavy metal sound of the most loved Judas Priest albums.

Regardless of their musical directions, all albums stand or fall on the quality of the music within. For the most part; Point Of Entry is hit and miss, a mixture of good songs and songs that are unobjectionable but just kind of forgettable, had the ratio been better then the world would have been kinder to Point Of Entry, but unfortunately the album doesn’t have enough classic material to really make it a must have.

The album isn’t devoid of good moments, tracks like ‘Hot Rockin,’ ‘Heading Out To The Highway,’ and ‘Desert Plains,’ are all enjoyable. ‘All The Way,’ is perfectly good too if you don’t mind the obvious inspiration from about five famous Kiss songs.

If you like Judas Priest, you may want to check Point Of Entry out; after all you still have the guitar and vocal talent as with any Priest album, in addition to a few genuinely good songs here and there. If you are new to the band I’d advise not trying this album until you are already familiar with all the classics first.

Overall, Point Of Entry is neither good nor terrible. It certainly doesn’t deserve its awful reputation, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was criminally underrated either. In summary; a decent, if somewhat forgettable album.

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