Kyuss – Muchas Gracis: The Best Of Kyuss Review

Posted: August 7, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Kyuss - Muchas Gracis: The Best Of Kyuss

Kyuss - Muchas Gracis: The Best Of Kyuss

First thing is first; as you may ave heard already, Muchas Gracis: The Best Of Kyuss is unsatisfactory as an actual greatest hits package. The band only have four albums anyway, all of which can be found for very low prices nowadays, so if you are thinking about trying out the band don’t start on this compilation but just jump straight into one of their wonderful studio albums like Blues For The Red Sun or (Welcome To) Sky Valley.

Ignoring the ‘greatest hits,’ tag however, Muchas Gracias is a fine compilation album that all Kyuss fans should give consideration to checking out. The disc compiles all the b-sides, rare tracks and the “Live at the Marquee Club” bonus disc from special editions of Sky Valley, together in one place.

If you want more from Kyuss than the studio albums that you already have, take a shot with this fine rarities compilation and find six fantastic rare tunes, four live versions of old favourites (Gardenia, Thumb, Conan Troutman, Freedom Run) and then five incongruously placed studio versions of Kyuss tracks that are there to justify a ‘Greatest Hits,’ label, presumably a record company decision as a greatest hits album would likely sell more copies to new customers in 2000 than a rarities album aimed at existing fans.

The actual six rare tunes are of great quality and have that same perfect hypnotic, virtuosic Kyuss feel as the best of their studio output and are sincerely worth investigating if you are a fan.

So in summary; if you aren’t interested in shelling out hundreds of pounds to collect all the rare singles and EPs, but do want a little more Kyuss, then Muchas Gracis is a fine product and I’d definitely recommend it.

  1. Can’t forget easy “Demon Cleaner” access.


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