Kreator – Enemy Of God Review

Posted: August 11, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

Kreator - Enemy Of God

Kreator - Enemy Of God

German Thrash Metal band Kreator have really been on a high since releasing their Violent Revolution album in 2001. The band forged a new direction by combining a return to roots Thrash Metal sound with hints of Gothenburg, Melodeath and even Metalcore incorporated into the overall style.

2005’s Enemy Of God was the second album in this new style, the band were refreshed and recharged musically and put out a brilliant quality album with hundred’s of riffs, mixing high speeds, grooves and occasional dark melodic moments with dual guitar harmonies. The overall production quality is fantastic; the sound is heavy, clear and crisp.

The band themselves are on top form, with longtime members Mille and Jurgen put down great performances on their respective instruments as well as vocally. Kreator have had a few line up changes in their career but Enemy Of God sees a stable line-up enter the studio; Christian, has been with the band since 1995’s Cause For Conflict album and Finnish guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö joined on the band’s previous album Violent Revolution.

Standout tracks include `Dystopia’ and `Dying Race Apocalypse,’ which are among the finest the band have yet to release. The overall quality of the album never really dips at all however; Enemy Of God is absolutely solid from beginning to end and doesn’t have any filler or weak material to speak of.

In summary; Kreator no longer have to live in the shadow of their 1980′s heyday, the band are producing relevant and important music now, still pushing boundaries and releasing top quality albums. Enemy Of God is a strong and impressive album that is really worth giving a go, especially if you enjoyed either Violent Revolution or their career highlight Hordes Of Chaos.

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