Clutch – Jam Room Review

Posted: August 18, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Clutch - Jam Room

Clutch - Jam Room

Clutch’s fourth full length studio release ‘Jam Room,’ was released in 1999 and saw the band in a much looser and more experimental mood than on their previous works. If you can, try and get the re-released edition with three extra tracks.

Some of the material on this album was later reworked on subsequent albums, including ‘I Send Pictures,’ ‘One Eye Dollar,’ and ‘Sinkemlow,’ which were reworked as ‘Sleestack Lightning,’ ‘One Eye $,’ and ‘Sink ‘Em Low,’ respectively.

While the album is largely jammed out and less polished/produced than any other Clutch release it is far from a throwaway release, most if not all of the music within is played frequently live and featured on some of the band’s live albums.

Stand out tracks include ‘Big Fat Pig,’ and ‘Raised By Horses,’ both of which are incredibly fun and catchy, as well as the slower and more brooding ‘Basket Of Eggs.’

Of course, Jam Room isn’t a perfect album, or as good as some of the best Clutch albums; there is some material on here that isn’t the best, such as the brief interludes ‘Bertha’s Big Back Yard,’ and ‘Super Duper,’ and even with the best material on here, Jam Room doesn’t fully compete with the best material of their career.

Overall; Jam Room is not the go-to album for Clutch beginners, and if you are new to the band you should really look elsewhere for a first album. If you are an existing fan however, while you won’t find yourself listening to it as much as their other albums, there is more than enough good material on Jam Room to warrant a purchase or curiosity listen.

  1. “Who Wants to Rock” is one of the best openers ever.


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