Clutch – Live In Flint Michigan Review

Posted: August 21, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Live, Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Live

Clutch - Live In Flint Michigan

Clutch - Live In Flint Michigan

Clutch’s second live album album ‘Live In Flint Michigan,’ is my favourite of all the various live albums released by the band, including the bonus live discs on newer re-releases. Released in 2004, the double disc live record finds the band on tour in support of the popular Blast Tyrant album.

First of all; at twenty nine tracks, its difficult to find any flaws with the set list, all the band’s albums are represented, as well as rarer material from the Slow Hole To China compilation and even early material from Speedway’ and Impetus.

Secondly; the performance is very strong as the band deliver all of the material from their various eras in a unified and powerful set, all members are on fine form and you’ll find additional mini-drum solos, extra guitar riffs and endings jammed out a little extra.

Finally, the sound and mix is probably the best of all the Clutch live albums (discounting their live DVDs) and this results in an overall winner of a live album. Live In Flint fully encapsulates my own favourite formula for a live album: tonnes of good sounding live material from across a whole career, performed very well and taken from a single concert and not across a whole tour.
J.P Gastor, Dan Maines and Tim Sult deliver a brilliant style of no-frills, straight forward rock music for the most with stoner and jam band vibes here and there, and hard metal power in other places. This is complimented perfectly by one of the most unique and gifted singers and lyricists currently working, Neil Fallon. If you aren’t familiar with Clutch then I’d urge you to try them out.

Overall, Live In Flint is a brilliant purchase for Clutch fans and would make a very good introduction for potential new fans. If you want a diverse set of some of Clutch’s absolute best material from across their career, with a good job made of the sound and a strong performance by the band then (unless you try a DVD) Live In Flint is the best option going.

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