Clutch – Live At The Googolplex

Posted: August 25, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Live, Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Live

Clutch - Live At The Googolplex

Clutch - Live At The Googolplex

Live At The Googolplex was the first full live album released by the sensational, genre defying rock band Clutch. If you have reached the point where you wish to buy a live record then you should already be aware of the band’s live reputation and of their astonishing musicianship, vocals and lyrics. This particular live album was recorded in 2002 and released in 2003, with the songs taken from various different concerts, on separate dates at different locations as opposed to one complete concert from beginning to end.

Compared to two out of the three live albums which would follow; Live At The Googolplex is only a single disc album of fifteen tracks, recorded in the wake of Pure Rock Fury’s release and as a consequence has the least expansive track listing of any Clutch live album on the market.

Luckily, the album still manages to feature tracks that aren’t on any other live effort from the band, such as the rare ‘Sea Of Destruction,’ and the early track ‘El Jeffe,’ which sounds more like the band’s modern material when played live than it did on record, as well as material from the Pure Rock Fury album which isn’t as supported live as most other Clutch releases, from which tracks grace this live album including ‘Brazenhead,’ ‘Immortal,’ and the rap-metal track ‘Careful With That Mic…’ which features a jammed out ending making it fit in more with the rest of the material.

In terms of sound and performance both are satisfactory and the album overall is a loose and fun feeling snapshot of the band at this point in their career. The band have better sounding live albums and live albums with better performances available, so you may wish to choose one of those over this one. This fact however does not truly take away from Live At The Googolplex which is a good record in and of itself when you remove the comparisons.

If you are a serious Clutch fan then you will find Live At The Googolplex worth your time, it is a good live album with a fair few unique tracks among their live albums. If however, you are choosing your first Clutch album or even first Clutch live album, it may be better to try something a bit more expansive and representative of the band as a whole, such as ‘Live In Flint Michigan,’ or the ‘Full Fathom Five,’ DVD version.

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