Amen – Death Before Musick Review

Posted: August 26, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews, Rock, Rock Studio

Amen - Death Before Musick

Amen - Death Before Musick

Amen are an interesting band, Despite their music essentially being a harsh and violent punk style a lot of metal fans got into the band. They essentially began as a one-man punk band but rose to public awareness during the Nu Metal era, with their 1999 and 2000 album’s ‘Amen’ and ‘We Have Come For Your Parents,’ with Shannon Larkin on the Drums, produced by famed Nu Metal producer Ross Robinson and released on Roadrunner Records and then major label Virgin Records, which may have stopped a lot of punk fans getting into the band.

After a label dispute their 3rd album disappeared off the face of the earth and the band got dropped; later a different 3rd album called ‘Join Or die,’ was only sold on tour. Finally in 2004, the band released still one more 3rd album, ‘Death Before Musick,’ which was recorded across a whole bunch of studios with a lot of help from friends and supporters.

This was the last album to feature Shannon Larkin on drums and as of mid-2011, still the most recent Amen album. The music at first may seem confusing to fans of their first two albums as the direction and certainly the production of the music is very different and some people found it to be a watering down of the Amen sound.

The album is a real grower however, and nearly every song has the capability of becoming a favourite. The choruses are catchy and memorable; there is a lot of good riffs, fun drumbeats and brilliant lyrics and overall there is just a lot of top quality music that while being different to the two records which came before, is certainly worth listening to.

Standout tracks include ‘Neutron Liars,’ ‘Fuck In LA,’ and ‘Westwood Fallout,’ all of which are aggressive and enjoyable without sounding sloppy, all with a really good chorus. As a whole however, the album is pretty consistent and there is no real spikes or dips in quality.

Overall, Join Or Die is a strong album from Amen and very enjoyable. Don’t write it off without giving it a fair listen, and a couple of extra spins to acclimatise to the different sound, this is an album that still stands up to this day and that I still listen to fairly regularly after all this time.

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