American Head Charge – The Feeding Review

Posted: August 27, 2011 by kingcrimsonprog in Metal, Metal - Studio, Music Reviews

American Head Charge - The Feeding

American Head Charge - The Feeding

American Head Charge are a much overlooked and underrated band, who never fully got as big as it seemed they were supposed to, and never lived up to their full potential. If you are a fan of the heavier and more tasteful bands to arise during the Nu Metal era, then American Head Charge are definitely a band you should investigate.

Their second album `The Feeding,’ came out in 2005, four years after their debut album `The War Of Art,’ and featured the tracks `Loyalty,’ and `Cowards,’ both of which had music videos at the time.

While The Feeding could not fully live up to its predecessor in terms of power, impact and memorable songwriting; it did surpass it in other areas such as clarity, focus and was much more succinct than The War Of Art, as well as having a better production job.

Standout tracks include the astounding single `Loyalty,’ which is one of the band’s greatest moments, as well as `Pledge Allegiance,’ `Dirty,’ and `Take What I’ve Taken,’ all of which are fine examples of the band’s industrial tinged mixture of ferocity and melody.

On The Feeding, the band’s influences were less audibly on their sleeves, and you can’t so much pick out individual bits that sound like Ministry, early Deftones or whoever, the band have more thoroughly developed their own style and refined the formula they started years before.

While `The Feeding,’ may have come a little too late at the tale end of a dying scene, it is still a superb album to listen to that on its own merits deserves to be thought of more favourably than just as the final album from a band that missed its window.

If you like American Head Charge, pick up a copy without hesitation, the album is a real grower. Now with the band finally reunited and creating new music, this is an excellent and overlooked record to revisit.

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