Death Angel – Act III

Death Angel - Act III

Death Angel - Act III

Death Angel’s Act III is a classic release that has aged remarkably well and still holds up to this day as one of the band’s best albums and among the better albums the genre had to offer.

This 1990 album remains my favorite album by the band and the one which I will most frequently recommend to potential fans, it is more fully-realized and focused than the albums that preceded it, as well as better produced.

The album opens up with the excellent ‘Seemingly Endless Time,’ and ‘Stop,’ which are varied and interesting songs of mixed tempos and directions as befits the band’s style, yet are two of their most straight forward and ‘normal,’ songs from their initial pre-breakup/pre-reunion era.

In addition to the out and out thrashing, the album contained the big semi-ballads ‘Viel of Deception,’ and ‘The Room,’ which are far from your average cheesy attempt at radio play, but actually great compositions.

The whole album is rock solid, with no real filler to speak of. Great vocals, unbelievable musicianship and intelligent mix of thrash and melody are the main take aways from beginning to end on Act III.

If you are into thrash metal at all, at some point you really ought to check out Death Angel; sometimes you’ll have their young age, race or connection with Kirk Hammet used as reasons to give the band a curiosity listen, but this album needs no gimmick or hook. If you enjoy well written, impressive and interesting music then pick up a copy.

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