What I’m Enjoying These Days:

Here are some songs that I’ve really been digging this week:

Also, just because, here’s a link to the new Animals As Leaders album and Metallica Demo:

Ok, that’s one song from it actually, but they’re streaming it officially on youtube now, so if you enjoy that, then check it out.

Don’t you think that when the main riff kicks in, it sounds like an 80s Mustaine riff? Nice choice. Also the groove riff in the solo section is cool. If they put a kind of Ride The Lightning production on the vocals it would actually sound pretty neat.


  1. A pretty good selection. I’m never too antsy about what I listen to, in that I don’t remember everything. Interesting notes about the new Metallica song, I’ve listened to it a few times and really like it.


  2. I’ve committed myself to reviewing the new Metallica song, but I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I bought the bundle that came with the full Bogota concert with the demo as a bonus track for $10. Well worth the price I must say.


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