I’m Still Listening To:

A lot of times in music we get obsessed with new releases: we need to hear the new release at the same time as its in the magazines and our peers hear it, we need to keep up, we need to feel the excitement.

A lot of other times we need to explore heritage, go back and hear the classics, hear the evolution of music from the earlier days, hear the songs from our youth etc. or indeed imagine living in times before we were born.

This post is a recognition for the less-discussed middle-ground. Here is a list of albums that aren’t new, and aren’t classics, but I’m still listening to and loving:

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  1. I recently rediscovered Stalingrad. What an album! Flash to Bang Time is incredible.

    I like to spend time with newer albums like this and get familiar with them, but it takes time and a few solid listens!

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