Greatest Hits Vol. 6 – Corrosion Of Conformity

Inspired by the entertaining blogs of the excellent wordpress blogger Nick’s Album Reviews, I’ve decided to join in the fun, and copy his Greatest Hits blog formula and match the bands chosen with my own personal taste (select my personal favourite 10 tracks by the band that would feel like a good greatest hits cd).

This time around is all about C.O.C. Here we go:











Its hard to pick with a band like C.O.C with so many distinct eras, there’s nothing from the early days in here at all, and not nearly enough from my favourite three albums, but with a big discography and only ten tracks to work with, its a tough squeeze.


  1. What a great band! Going through your picks, I think I would match you exactly on nos. 1-7. I saw the three-piece version of CoC live in 2013 and, while they were really good, I felt something missing from the idea of the band that I had in my head and had loved for so long. As a result, I haven’t really given their more recent stuff (nos. 8-10) a fair chance. Time for a re-think maybe. Nice post!

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    • I’d like to catch the 3 piece too, I like all the recent two albums and EP.
      I saw the 4piece, it was amazing. As you say, amazing band.


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