Welcome to KingcrimsonBlog, the official Blog of Kingcrimsoprog.

As you may have realized, this is a blog from the internet user who goes by the name of Kingcrimsonprog (Originally Gentlegiantprog) and in fact NOT a Blog about the excellent prog band King Crimson of whom I am a fan. I know its annoying and maybe even confusing but I’ve changed user names in the past and never enjoyed the experience so I’m bloody well sticking with this one, get used to it.

This is basically a collection of my various internet output and opinions condensed into one Blog. If I deem anything that I put out on the internet as interesting enough, I will include it somewhere here on KingcrimsonBlog. The overall Blog is divided into different subsections accessible through menus located at the top of the page.

Examples of content include music reviews, which I write for Amazon, Prog Archives, Metal Music Archives, iTunes, Walking Through Flames and other sites but which I have also collected here. I also write several series of Articles especially for KingcrimsonBlog, including Get (Into) What You Paid For and First Impressions and both of which are different takes on writing about music. In addition there used to be two Sub-Blogs; one about my life, my internet output and updates to the overall Blog, and another less-frequently updated one about Videogames. These were retired, and posts on these subject, or comic books or metal culture, will be posted to the main blog.


  1. Hey there, don’t know if you might remember.

    I’m the guy that commented on your ‘Fire From the Sky’ (Shadows Fall) review on Amazon UK?

    Just wanted you to say that I was inspired by the way you write your reviews and helped me to make my reviews better, though subliminally. Thank you.


  2. Ha, cheers man, that’s cool. I was the same with a user called ‘Umur’ from Metal Music Archives, I just liked the idea of providing all the information that I myself would be wanting whenever I read online reviews, and the idea of separating being personal in statements of opinion versus being clinical in statements of fact.

    Ones like that were always the ones I was giving helpful votes to on amazon so I guess if I liked them I may as well write kinda like them too.


    • Yeah… give me a link and some details and I’ll post something if I enjoy it. I’m not a big fan of negative reviews, so if I dislike it I’ll just leave it blank.


  3. Hello!
    I can’t seem to find any contact info on the site, I would like to share some cool new music with you.
    Could you reply with an e-mail address, or get in touch with me?
    Thank you very much!
    Avihai Levy


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