My Record Collection & Other Stuff I Own


Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Misc Metal Bands – with NWOBHM, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, NYHC & Groove:

Judas Priest:
Cds: (Rocka Rolla, Sad Wings Of Destiny, Sin After Sin, Stained Class, The Killing Machine, Unleashed In The East, British Steelw/DVD, Point Of Entry, Screaming For Vengeance, Defenders Of The Faith, Turbo, Ram It Down, Painkiller, Angel Of Retribution, Redeemer Of Souls, Firepower)
Vinyl (Stained Class, British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance)
DVDs: ‘Rising In The East,’

My Judas Priest CDs
Priest DVD.JPG
My Judas Priest DVDs
Priest Vinyl.JPG
My Judas Priest Vinyl

Iron Maiden:
Cds: (Iron Maiden, Killers, Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave, Live After Death, Somewhere In Time, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, No Prayer For The Dying, Fear Of The Dark, Live Over Donnington, The X Factor, Virtual XI, The Best Of The Beast, Brave New World, Dance Of Death, A Matter Of Life And Death-Slipcasew/Dvd, The Final Frontier, The Book Of Souls)
Vinyl: (Killers, Powerslave, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son)
Dvds: ‘Rock In Rio,’ ‘Death On The Road,’
Blu Ray: ‘En Vivo’

My Iron Maiden CDs
Maiden Blu.JPG
My Iron Maiden Blu
Maiden DVD.JPG
My Iron Maiden DVDs

My Iron Maiden Vinyl

Cds: (Holy Diver-Collectors Edition, The Last In Line, Sacred Heart, Dream Evil, The Very Beast Of)
Vinyl: (Holy Diver, The Last In Line, Sacred Heart)
iTunes Songs: ‘Hide In The Rainbow’ ‘Time To Burn’
Blu Ray: “Holy Diver Live”

My Dio CDs
Dio Blu.JPG
My Dio Blu
Dio Vinyl.JPG
My Dio Vinyl

Ozzy Osbourne:
Cds: (The Blizzard Of Ozz-2011Edition, Diary Of A Madman-2011Edition, Bark At The Moon-2002Edition, The Ultimate Sin-1995Edition, Tribute, No Rest For The Wicked-2002Edition, No More Tears-2002Edition, Ozzmosis-2002Edition Down To Earth, Black Rain, Scream)
Vinyl: (The Blizzard Of Ozz, Diary Of A Madman, Bark At The Moon)
DVD: ‘Live At Boudakan’

My Ozzy Osbourne CDs
My Ozzy Osbourne DVDs
Ozzy Vinyl.JPG
My Ozzy Osbourne Vinyl

Cds: (On Parole, Classic Album Selection: Overkill, Bomber, Ace Of Spades, No Sleep ‘Till Hammersmith, Iron Fist, Another Perfect Day, Rock N Roll, Orgasmatron, 2CDSet-1918/March ör Die)
Vinyl: (Overkill)
iTunes Songs: ‘Too Late Too Late,’ ‘Like A Nightmare,’ ‘Over The Top’ ‘Dirty Love’ ‘Remember Me, I’m Gone’ ‘Turn You Round Again’ ‘Killed By Death’ ‘Steal Your Face’ ‘Locomotive’ ‘Snaggle Tooth,’ ‘Emergency’ ‘Please Don’t Touch’ ‘Stand By Your Man’ ‘Louie Louie’ ‘Under The Knife’
DVD : ‘Lemmy,’
Blu Ray: ‘The World Is Ours Vol.2 – Anyplace Crazier Than Anywhere Else’

My Motorhead CDs
Motorhead blu.JPG
My Motorhead Blu
Motorhead dvd.JPG
My Motorhead DVDs
Motorhead Vinyl.JPG
My Motorhead Vinyl

Cds: (The Carrere Years 1979-1984 Box Set: Saxon/Wheels Of Steel/The Long Arm Of The Law/Denim And Leather/Power & The Glory/Crusader; The EMI Years 1985-1988 Box Set:Innocence Is No Excuse/BBC Live At Hammersmith 1985/Rock The Nations/Destiny; Solid Book Of Rock Signed Special Edition Boxset: Solid Ball Of Rock/Forever Free/Dogs Of War/Unleash The Beast/Metalhead/Killing Ground/Lionheart/The Inner Sanctum/Into The Labyrinth, Battering Ram, Thunderbolt)
Vinyl: (Wheels Of Steel)
Blu Ray: ‘The Saxon Chronicles 2’

My Saxon CDs

Saxon Blu.JPG
My Saxon Blu
Saxon Vinyl
My Saxon Vinyl

Tygers Of Pan Tang:
CD albums: (Wildcat, Spellbound, Crazy Nights)
Vinyl: ‘Wildcat’

My Tygers Of Pan Tang CDs
Tygers Vinyl.JPG
My Tygers Of Pan Tang Vinyl

Diamond Head:
Cds: (Lightning To The Nations –Slipcase, The MCA Years Boxset)

Diamond Head.JPG
My Diamond Head CDs

Angel Witch:
Cds: (Angel Witch)

Angel Witch.JPG
My Angel Witch CDs

Grim Reaper:
Cds: (See You In Hell, Fear No Evil)

Grim reaper.JPG
My Grim Reaper CDs

Cds: (Dive Victims The Witchfynde Albums 1980-1983: Give Em Hell/Stagefright/Cloak & Dagger)

My Witchfynde CDs

Cds: (The Bronze Years: Demolition/Hit And Run/Screaming Blue Murder/Play Dirty)

My Girlschool CDs

Def Leppard:
CD albums: (On Through The Night, High ‘n’ Dry)

Def Leppard.JPG
My Def Leppard CDs

Bitches Sin:
Amazon MP3 Albums: (Predator)
iTunes Albums: (Invaders)


iTunes Albums: (Head On, Shock Tactics)

iTunes Albums: (Fire Down Under, Restless Breed, Born In America)

iTunes albums: (Hard N’ Heavy, Metal On Metal, Forged In Fire, Strength Of Steel, Pound For Pound, Worth The Weight, Monument Of Metal)
Vinyl: (Forged In Fire)
DVD: (Anvil The Story Of Anvil)

Anvil Vinyl.JPG
My Anvil Vinyl
My Anvil DVDs

Cds: (Welcome To Hell, Black Metal, At War With Satan)

My Venom CDs

Mercyful Fate:
CDs: (Don’t Break The Oath)

Mercyful Fate.JPG
My Mercyful Fate CDs

King Diamond:
CDs: (The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1986-1990:Fatal Portrait/Abigail/”Them”/Conspiracy/The Eye)

King Diamond.JPG
My King Diamond CDs

Cds: (Original Album Classics: MSG/MSGII/One Night At Budokan/Assault Attack/Built To Destroy)


Yngwie J. Malmsteen:
CDs: (Trilogy, Now Your Ships Are Burned The Polydor Years 1984-1990)

My Yngwie J Malmsteen CDs

CDs: (Nospheratu)

My Helstar CDs

Cds: (Restless And Wild, Balls To The Wall, Metal Heart, Russian Roulette, Blood Of The Nations, Stalingrad, Blind Rage-w/Blu Ray, The Rise Of Chaos)
Blu Ray: ‘Restless & Live’

My Accept CDs
Accept Blu.JPG
My Accept Blu

Running Wild:
iTunes Albums: (Under Jolly Roger, Port Royal, Death Or Glory, Blazon Stone, Pile Of Skulls )

CDs: (Battle Hymns, Into Glory Ride, Hail To England, Sign Of The Hammer, Fighting The World/Triumph Of Steel/Kings Of Metal, Louder Than Hell, Warriors Of The World, Gods Of War, The Lord Of Steel)

iTunes albums: (Thunder In The Sky Ep, The Final Battle EP)

My Manowar CDs
Manowar DVD.JPG
My Manowar DVDs
My Manowar Vinyl

Cds: (Walls Of Jericho-2Cd, Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts 1&2 Deluxe Edition, Pink Bubbles Go Ape, Master Of The Rings, Time Of The Oath, Better Than Raw, 2CD Set:The Dark Ride/Rabbit Don’t Come Easy, Keeper Of The Seven Keys The Legacy, Gambling With The Devilw/DVD, Seven Sinners-Digipak, Straight Out Of Hell-Digipak)

iTunes songs: ‘Cant Fight Your Desire’ ‘Star Invasion’ ‘Silicon Dreams’ ‘Grapowskis Malmsuite 1001’ ‘Time Goes By’ ‘Walk Your Way’ ‘Light In The Sky’ ‘Still I Dont Know’ ‘Take It To The Limit’ ‘Deliver Us From Temptation’ ‘Revolution’ ‘Madness Of The Crowds’ ‘Find My Freedom’ ‘See The Night’ ‘Run (The Name Of Your Enemy)’

DVDs: “High Live” “The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 Live On Three Continents”
Vinyl: (Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1)

My Helloween CDs
My Helloween DVDs
My Helloween Vinyl

Gamma Ray:
Cds: (Heading For Tomorrow/Sigh No More, Insanity And Genius/Land Of The Free, No World Order, Land Of The Free 2, To The Metal-DigipakW/DVD)
iTunes albums: (Somewhere Out In Space)
Blu Ray: “Skeletons & Majesties Live”

Gamma Ray.JPG
My Gamma Ray CDs
Gamma Ray Blu.JPG
My Gamma Ray Blu

Freedom Call:
Cds: (5 Original Albums In One Box: Stairway To Fairy Land, Crystal Empire, Eternity, The Circle Of Life, Dimensions)
DVD: (Live In Hellvetia)

Freedom Call.JPG
My Freedom Call CDs
Freedom Call Blu.JPG
My Freedom Call DVDs

Cds: (Twilight Time, Episode, Visions, Destiny, Infinite, Intermission, Elements Prt 1, Elements Prt 2)
Blu Ray: ‘Under Flaming Winter Skies’

My Stratovarius CDs
Stratovarius Blu.JPG
My Stratovarius Blu

CDs: (Glory To The Brave, Legacy Of Kings, Renegade, Chapter V Unbent Unbowed Unbroken-Digipak)
Blu Ray: ‘Gates Of Dalhalla’

My Hammerfall CDs
Hammerfall Blu.JPG
My Hammerfall Blu

Blind Guardian:
CDs: (Follow The Blind, Tales From The Twilight World, Somewhere Far Beyond, Imaginations From The Other Side, Nightfall In Middle Earth)

Blind Guardian.JPG
My Blind Guardian CDs

Primal Fear:
iTunes Albums: (Primal Fear, Jaws Of Death, Nuclear Fire, Black Sun)

Iron Saviour:
iTunes Albums: (Iron Saviour, Unification, Dark Assault)

Cds: (Vainglory Opera, Theater Of Salvation, The Savage Poetry, Mandrake, Hellfire Club, Tinnitus Sanctus, Age Of The Joker)

My Edguy CDs

CDs: (Legendary Tales, Symphony Of Enchanted Lands, Dawn Of Victory, Rain Of A Thousand Flames)

Rhapsody (2).JPG
My Rhapsody CDs

Sonata Arctica:
Cds: (Ecliptica, Silence, Winterheart’s Guild, The Days Of Greys)

My Sonata Arctica CDs

CD: (Primo Victoria, The Art Of War, Coat Of Arms, Calorus Rex)
Blu Ray: ‘Swedish Empire Live’

My Sabaton CDs
Sabaton Blu.JPG
My Sabaton Blu

Power Wolf:

CDs:(The Bible & The Beast, Preachers Of The Night, Blessed & Possessed)

Blu Ray: The Metal Mass Live

My Powerwolf CDs

My Powerwolf Blu Ray

Iced Earth:
Cds: (The Dark Saga, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Horror Show, The Glorious Burden, Framing Armageddon, The Crucible Of Man)
Blu Ray: “Live At Ancient Kurion – Deluxe Edition”

Iced Earth.JPG
My Iced Earth CDs
Iced Earth Blu.JPG
My Iced Earth Blu

CDs: (Valley Of The Damned, Sonic Firestorm w/DVD, Inhuman Rampage, Ultra Beatdown)

My Dragonforce CDs

Amanzon MP3: (Angels Cry/Holy Land)
Blu Ray: Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour”

Angra Blu.JPG
My Angra Blu


CDs: (The Strength The Sound The Songs, Rock The Rebel Metal The Devil, Beyond Heaven Above Hell, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie, Rebound Replay Rewind-Digipak)

DVDs: Live Tonight

My Volbeat DVD

Amazon MP3: (Set It Off, Demonstrating My Style, Look My Way)

Sick Of It All:
Cds: (Scratch The Surface, Call To Arms, Yours Truly-Digipak)

Sick Of It All.JPG

My Sick Of It All CDs

Cds: (Biohazard, Urban Discipline, State Of The World Address, Mata Leo-Slipcase, No Holds Barred Live, New World Disorder, Uncivilization-Slipcase, Kill Or Be Killed, Means To An End )
Cd Singles: (Tales From The Hardside)
Dvds: ‘Live In San Fransisco,’

My Biohazard CDs

Biohazard dvd.JPG

My Biohazard DVDs

Life Of Agony:
Cds: (The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1993-2000: River Runs Red/Ugly/Soul Searching Sun/1989-1999-Live Unplugged At The Lowland Festival ’97)


My Life Of Agony CDs

Vision Of Disorder:
Cds: (Two From The Vault: Vision Of Disorder/Imprint)


My V.O.D CDs

CDs: (Opus Anonymous, Infestissimaum, Melioara, Prequelle)
iTunes Songs: ‘Square Hammer.’
Amazon MP3: (Ceremony & Devotion)

IMG_20180826_141443 (2).jpg
My Ghost CDs

Cds: (Slipknot-Digipak, Iowa, Vol.3:The Subliminal Verses, 9.0:Live-2CD, All Hope Is Gone-Digipakw/Dvd)
Cd Singles: (Wait And Bleed, Spit It Out, Left Behind, My Plague)
Dvds: ‘Welcome To Our Neighborhood,’ ‘Voliminal,’ ‘(sic)Nesses,’
Blu Ray: ‘Day Of The Gusano’

My Slipknot CDs
Slipknot Dvd.JPG
My Slipknot DVDs
My Slipknot Blu

Pissing Razors:
Cds: (Pissing Razors, Cast Down The Plague, Fields Of Disbelief-Digipak, Where We Come From, Live At The Devil’s Triangle, Evolution)

My Pissing Razors CDs

CDs: (Beg To Differ-Digipak, Original Album Classics – Prove You Wong, Cleansing, Rude Awakening, Carved Into Stone-Digipak, Ruining Lives-Digipak, X No Absolutes-Digipak, Zero Days-Digipak)


Machine Head:
Cds: (Burn My Eyes, The More Things Change, The Burning Red, SuperCharger-Digipak, Hellalive, Through The Ashes Of Empires, The Blackening-Slipcasew/dvd, Unto The Locust-FanPack, Bloodstone & Diamonds-digibook, Catharsis-Digipakw/DVD)
iTunes Songs: ‘The Sentinel,’ ‘Witch Hunt,’ ‘Darkness Within (Acoustic),’
Vinyl: (Burn My Eyes)
Dvds: ‘Elegies,’

My Machine Head CDs
Machinehead DVD.JPG
My Machine Head DVDs
My Machine Head Vinyl

Fear Factory:
Cds: (Soul Of A New Machine, Demanufacture, Obsolete, Digimortal-Digipak, Hatefiles, Archetype-digipakw/Dvd, Transgressionw/Dvd, Mechanize-Digipak, The Industrialist, Genexus-Digipak)
Cd Singles: (Linchpin)

My Fear Factory CDs

Cds: (Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display Of Power, Far Beyond Driven, 101Proof Live, Reinventing The Steel)
iTunes Songs: ‘Pre-Hibernation’ ‘Avoid The Light’ ‘Light Comes Out Of Black featuring Rob Halford’ ‘Piss’
Dvds: ‘Killing In Korea,’

My Pantera CDs
Pantera dvd.JPG
My Pantera DVDs

Cds: (Nola, 2: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow, 3:Over The Under-Digipak, Down IV Part I The Purple EP, Down IV Part II)

My Down CDs

Cds: (New Found Power)

My Damageplan CDs

Corrosion Of Conformity:
CDs: (Blind, Deliverance, Wiseblood, America’s Volume Dealer, Live Volume, In The Arms Of God, Corrosion Of Conformity, IX-Digipak, No Cross No Crown-Digipak)
MP3 Albums: (Megalodon)
iTunes songs: ‘Big Problems’ ‘The Land Free Of Disease’

My CoC CDs

Black Label Society:
Cds: (Sonic Brew, Stronger Than Death, 1919 Eternal, The Blessed Hellride, Hangover Music Vol VI, Mafia, Shot To Hell, Order Of The Black, Catacombs Of The Back Vatican-Digipak, Grimmest Hits-Digipak)
iTunes Songs: ‘Doomsday Inc,’ ‘SDMF,’ ‘Pictures Of Home,’

My Black Label Society CDs
My Black Label Society Blu

Cds: (Soulfly-Digipak2cd, Primitive-Digipak, 3-Digipak, Prophecy-Digipak, Dark Ages-Digipak, Conquer-Digipakw/Dvd, Omen, Enslaved)
Dvds: ‘The Song Remains Insane.’

My Soulfly CDs
Soulfly DVD.JPG
My Soulfly DVDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Thrash Metal Bands:

Cds: (Beneath The Remains, Arise, Chaos AD, Under A Pale Grey Sky Live, Against, Nation, Roorback-digipakw/Revolusongs, Kairos )

Mp3 albums: (Schizophrenia)

Dvds: ‘Chaos DVD,’’Live In Sao Paulo’

My Sepultura CDs
My Sepultura DVDs

Cds: (Show No Mercy-Digipak, Haunting The Chapel-Digipak/Live Undead-Digipak, Hell Awaits-Digipak, Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, A Decade Of Aggression Live, Divine Intervention, Diabolis In Musica, Undisputed Attitude, God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion, World Painted Blood, Repentless)
MSN music songs: ‘Scarstruck,’ ‘Addict,’
Dvds: ‘War At The Warfields,’
Vhs: ‘Live Invasion,’
Blu Ray: ‘The Big Four: Sonisphere – Live From Sophia,’

My Slayer CDs
Slayer dvd.JPG
My Slayer DVDs
Slayer VHS.JPG
My Slayer VHS

Cds: (Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica, Load, Reload, Garage Inc, S&M, St Anger, Death Magnetic)
iTunes Albums: (Beyond Magnetic EP)
iTunes Songs: ‘Lords Of Summer- First Pass’
Blu Ray: ‘Francais Pour Une Nuit,’ ‘The Big Four: Sonisphere – Live From Sophia,’

My Metallica CDs
Metallica Blu.JPG
My Metallica Blus
My Metallica DVDs
Metallica Vinyl.JPG
My Metallica Vinyl

Cds: (Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good, Peace Sells But Who’s Buying, So Far So Good So What, Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction, Youthanasiaw/Hidden Treasures, Cryptic Writings, Risk, The World Needs A Hero, The System Has Failed, United Abominations, Endgame, Th1rt3en, Super Collider, Dystopia)
Vinyl: (Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good, Peace Sells But Who’s Buying)
iTunes songs: ‘Sudden Death,’
Amazon MP3: ‘Live At Wembeley Arena 1990 disc from Warchest Boxset’
Dvds: ‘Rude Awakening,’ ‘That One Night:Live In Buenos Areis,’ ‘Arsenal Of Megadeth,’
Blu Ray: ‘The Big Four: Sonisphere – Live From Sophia,’

My Megadeth CDs
Megadeth DVD
My Megadeth DVDs
Megadeth Vinyl.JPG
My Megadeth Vinyl

Cds: (A Fistful Of Metal/Armed And Dangerous, Spreading The Disease, Among The Living, State Of Euphoria, Persistence Of Time, Attack Of The Killer B’s, Sound Of White Noise, Stomp 442, We Have Come For You All, The Collection, Worship Music-Digibook, For All Kings-Digipak)
Vinyl: (Spreading The Disease)
Dvds: ‘Music Of Mass Destruction,’ ‘Alive 2,’
Blu Ray: ‘The Big Four: Sonisphere – Live From Sophia,’

My Anthrax CDs
Anthrax DVD.JPG
My Anthrax DVDs
Anthrax Vinyl.JPG
My Anthrax Vinyl

Nuclear Assault:
Cds: (Game Over/The Plague, Survive-RARE, Handle With Care, Out Of Order, Assault And Battery, Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)
Vinyl: (Game Over, Survive)
Dvds: ‘Louder Harder Faster,’

Nuclear Assault.JPG
My Nuclear Assault CDs
Nuclear Assault DVD.JPG
My Nuclear Assault DVDs
Nuclear Assault Vinyl.JPG
My Nuclear Assault Vinyl

Cds: (Feel The Fire/Fuck You And Then Some, Taking Over, Under The Influence, The Years Of Decay, Horrorscope, W.FO, Ironbound-Digipak)
Dvds: ‘Wrecking Everything,’

My Overkill CDs
Overkill dvd.JPG
My Overkill DVDs
Overkill Vinyl.JPG
My Overkill Vinyl

Cds: (The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach, Souls Of Black, Live In London, The Formation Of Damnation-Digipak, Dark Roots Of Earth-Digipak, Brotherhood Of The Snake)
Vinyl: (Practice What You Preach)
Dvds: ‘Live In London,’
Blu-Rays: ‘Dark Roots Of Thrash- Deluxe Edition Steelbook’

My Testament CDs
Testament Blu.JPG
My Testmanet Blu
Testament DVD.JPG
My Testmanet DVDs
Testament Vinyl.JPG
My Testament Vinyl

Cds: (Bonded By Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh, Fabulous Disaster, Impact Is Imminent, Good Friendly Violent Fun, Tempo Of The Damned, Shovel Headed Kill Machine-Digipak, The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A, Exhibit B: The Human Condition-Slipcase, Blood In Blood Out)
DVDS: ‘Shovel Headed Tour Machine,’

My Exodus CDs
Exodus DVD.JPG
My Exodus DVDs

Cds: (Forbidden Evil, Twisted Into Form, Distortion, Green, Omega Wave-Slipcase)

Vinyl: (Forbidden Evil)


My Forbidden CDs


My Forbidden Vinyl

Death Angel:
Cds: (Archives And Artifacts Box Set, Act 3, Relentless Retributuion)
DVDs: ‘A Thrashumentary/The Bay Calls For Blood’

My Death Angel CDs
Death Angel DVD
My Death Angel DVDs

Dark Angel:
Cds: (Darkness Descends, Leave Scars, Time Does Not Heal)

Dark Angel.JPG
My Dark Angel CDs

Cds: (The Best Of, S/T-SCEDBoxset)
iTunes Songs: ‘Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade’ ‘Schizos Are Never Alone (Pars1&2)’ ‘Liegela’ ‘Powerdrain’ ‘Sixes And Sevens’ ‘Reduced To Ash’ ‘Mayhem’ ‘Freed from The Pit’ ‘Bats In The Belfry’ ‘Snake In The Grass’ ‘Knight Jumps Queens”Sounds Good To Me’ ‘The Edge’ ‘Dont Bother Me’
Dvds: ‘Live At Masters Of Rock-w/CD.’

My Annihilator CDs
Annihilator DVD.JPG
My Annihilator DVDs

Cds: (Eternal Nightmare, Oppressing The Masses/Torture Tactics)

My Vio-lence CDs


CDs: (Socialized Hate)

My Atrophy CDs

Sacred Reich:
Cds: (Ignorance & Surf Nicaragua Deluxe Editionw/DVD, The American Way-Digipak, Still Ignorant)

Sacred Reich.JPG
My Sacred Reich CDs

Suicidal Tendencies:
Cds: (Join The Army, Original Album Collection:How Can I Laugh Tomorrow When I Cant Even Smile Today/Lights Camera Revolution/The Art Of Rebellion/Still Psycho After All These Years/Controlled By Hatred with Feels Like Shit Deja Vue)

My Suicidal Tendencies CDs

Cds: (TwoFromTheVault: Slaughter In The Vatican/The Law)

My Exhorder CDs

Cds: (The Force) (LOST – No Longer Own)

Cds: (Speak English Or Die)


Cds: (Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross)


Cds: (Pleasure To Kill, Terrible Certainty, Extreme Aggression, Coma Of Souls, Violent Revolution, Hordes Of Chaos-Boxsetw/DVD, Phantom Antichristw/DVD, Gods Of Violence)
Vinyl: (Terrible Certainty)
Dvds: ‘Live At The Pulse Of Kapitulation,’ ‘Live Kreation Revisioned Glory,’

My Kreator CDs
Kreator DVD.JPG
My Kreator DVDs
My Kreator Vinyl

Cds: (In The Sign Of Evil/Obsessed By Cruelty, Persecution Mania, Agent Orange, Better Off Dead)

My Sodom CDs

iTunes albums: (Eternal Devastation, Release From Agony, Mad Butcher EP)

iTunes Albums: (Annihilation Of Civilization)

iTunes Albums: (Crossover, Thrash Zone)

Flotsam & Jetsam:
Amazon Music Albums: (Doomsday For The Deceiver)
iTunes Albums: (No Place For Disgrace)

Laaz Rockit:
iTunes Albums: (No Stranger To Danger, Know Your Enemy, Annihilation Principal, Nothings Sacred)

iTunes Albums: (World Circus, Think This)

Holy Terror:
iTunes Albums: (Total Terror: Terror & Submission/Mind Wars/El Revengo/Live Terror)

iTunes Albums: (Evil Invaders, Malicious Intent, Violent Restitution, Shotgun Justice)

iTunes albums: (History Of A Time To Come, Dreamweaver)

Metal Church:
iTunes Albums: (Metal Church, The Dark, Blessing In Disguise, The Human Factor)

iTunes Albums: (Heavy Metal Maniac, Violence & Force)

iTunes Albums: (Speed Metal Symphony)

Armoured Saint:
iTunes Albums: (Symbol Of Salvation)

Gamma Bomb:
MP3 Albums: (Tales From The Grave And Space)

Savage Messiah:
MP3 Albums: (Plague Of Conscience)

Celtic Frost:
Amazon MP3 albums: (Into The Pandemonium)

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

NWOAHM/Metalcore Bands:

Cds: (Jasta-DigiPak)

My Jasta CDs

Cds: (Perseverance, The Rise Of Brutality, Supremacy, Hatebreed-Digipakw/DVD, The Divinity Of Purpose-Digipak, The Concrete Confessional)
Dvds: ‘Live Dominance,’

My Hatebreed CDs
Hatebreed dvd.JPG
My Hatebreed DVDs

Cds: (Pass Out Of Existance, The Impossibility Of Reason, Chimaira, Ressurection-Digipakw/Dvd, The Infection-Digipakw/Dvd, The Age Of Hellw/Dvd, Crown Of Phantoms)
iTunes: ‘Trigger Finger,’ ‘Born In Blood,’
Dvds: ‘The Dehumanizing Process,’ ‘Coming Alive,’

My Chimaira CDs
Chimaira dvd.JPG
My Chimaira DVDs

Devil Driver:
Cds: (Devil Driver, The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand, The Last Kind Words, Pray For Villians-Digipakw/DVD, Beast-Digipakw/DVD)

My Devildriver CDs

Lamb Of God:
Cds: (New American Gospel-Remastered/Expanded, As The Palaces Burn, Ashes Of The Wake, Sacrament, Wrath-Digipak, Resolution-Digipak, VII Sturm Und Drang-Digipak)
iTunes songs: ‘Hit The Wall’
DVDs: ‘Killadelphia-w/CD,’ ‘Walk With Me In Hell,’ ‘ ‘As The Palaces Burn’

My Lamb Of God CDs

Killswitch Engage:
CDs: ( Alive Or Just Breathing?-DigipakRR25th; The End Of Heartache, As Daylight Dies, KillswitchEngage-Digipak/Dvd, Disarm The Descent-Digipak/Dvd, Incarnate-Digipak)
Dvds: ‘Set This World Ablaze,’

My Killswitch Engage CDs
My Killswitch Engange DVDs

Shadows Fall:
Cds: (Fear Will Drag You Down, The Art Of Balance-CD/CDrom, The War Withinw-digipak/Dvd, Fallout From The War, Threads Of Life, Retribution)
DVDs: ‘Madness In Manilla’

Shadows Fall
My Shadows Fall CDs
Shadows fall dvd.JPG
My Shadows Fall DVDs

Cds: (Ascendancy; The Crusade; Shogun-SlipcaseW/DVD, In Waves-Digipakw/DVD, Vengeance Falls, Silence In The Snow, Ab Initio, The Sin & The Sentence)
Amazon Mp3: “No Hope For The Human Race” “As I Am Exploding” “Cease All Your Fire” “The Darkness Of My Mind”

My Trivium CDs

Parkway Drive:
Cds: (Don’t Close Your Eyes, Horizons, Deep Blue, Atlas, Ire, Reverence-signed)

My Parkway Drive CDs

Rise To Remain:
Cds: (Bridges Will Burn EP, City Of Vultures)

Rise To Remain.JPG
My Rise To Remain CDs

God Forbid:
Cds: (Gone Forever, IV:The Constitution Of Treason)

God forbid.JPG
My God Forbid CDs

Avenged Sevenfold:
Cds: (Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, Waking The Fallen, City Of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold, Diamnods In The Rough w/DVD, Nightmare, Hail To The King, The Stage)
HMV Digital songs: ‘St James’

My Avenged Sevenfold CDs

Bullet For My Valentine:
Cds: (Bullet For My Valentine EP, Original Album Classics:The Poison/Scream Aim Fire/Fever, , Temper Temper-Deluxe Edition, Venom, Gravity)
iTunes Songs: ‘Road To Nowhere ‘ ‘Watching Us Die Tonight’ ‘One Good Reason Why’
‘Ashes Of The Innocent’
Blu Ray: ‘Live At Brixton Chapter Two’

IMG_20180826_142318 (2).jpg

Five Finger Death Punch:
Cds: (The Way Of The Fist-Superjewel, War Is The Answer, American Capitalist-2CD, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume One-Digipak2CD, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume TWO-Digipakw/DVD, Got Your Six-Digipak, And Justice For None-digipak)
iTunes Songs: ‘The Bleeding (Acoustic),’ ‘Succubus,’ ‘Undone,’ ‘The Tragic Truth,’ ‘Trouble’

IMG_20180826_142630 (2).jpg
My Five Finger Death Punch CDs

Bring Me The Horizon:
Cds: (Count Your Blessings, Suicide Season, There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It There Is A Heaven Lets Keep It A Secret, Sempiternal, That’s The Spirit-Digipak)
iTunes Songs: “Join the Club” “Deathbeds” “Drown”

Blu Ray: ‘Live At Wembley’


My BMTH Blu Ray

Cds: (Ruin, Hollow Crown, The Here And Now, Daybreaker, Lost Forever Lost Together, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, Holy Hell)
iTunes Songs: ‘Doomsday’ ‘Devil’s Island’ ‘Untitled’ ”Heartburn (Acoustic Version)’Black Blood’ ‘Blood Bank’ ‘Of Dust And Nations’ ‘Cracks In The Earth’

My Architects CDs

The Defiled:

CDs: (Grave Times)

My The Defiled

Stray From The Path:

CDs: (Only Death Is Real)

My Stray From The Path CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Extreme Metal Bands (Black/Death/Grind etc):

Dew Scented:
Cds: (Inwards)

Dew scented.JPG
My Dew Scented CDs

Amon Amarth:
Cds: (With Oden On Our Side – Slipcase; Twilight Of The Thunder God, Surtur Rising)
Dvds: ‘Wrath Of The Norsemen,’

Amon amarth.JPG
My Amon Amarth CDs
Amon amrht dvd.JPG
My Amon Amarth DVDs

Children Of Bodom:
Cds: (Something Wild, Hatebreeder, Follow The Reaper, Hate Crew Death Roll, Are You Dead Yet?, Reckless Relentless Forever-Digipak)
DVDs: Chaos Ridden Years Stockholm Knockout Live

My Children Of Bodom CDs
Bodom dvd.JPG
My Children Of Bodom DVDs

Arch Enemy:
Cds: (Wages Of Sin/The Vault, Anthems Of Rebellion, The Doomsday Machine, Rise Of The Tyrant)
DVDs: ‘Live Apocalypse’

Arch Enemy
My Arch Enemy CDs
My Arch Enemy DVDs

Cds: (One For Sorrow)

My Insomnium CDs

CDs: (Emissaries, The Epigenesis)
iTunes Albums: (Sphynx)

My Melechesh CDs

Cradle Of Filth:
Cds: (Dusk And Her Embrace, Cruelty And The Beast, From The Cradle To Enslave EP, Midian, Bitter Suites To Succubi, Damnation And A Day, Evermore Darklyw/DVD)
DVDs: ‘PanDeamonium’

My Cradle Of Filth CDs
CoF dvd.JPG
My Cradle Of Filth DVDs

Cds: (In The Nightside Eclipse)

My Emperor CDs

Carpathian Forest:
Cds: (Defending The Throne Of Evil)
Dvds: ‘We’re Going To Hollywood For This,’

carpathian forest.JPG
My Carpathian Forest CDs
My Carpathian Forest DVDs

Keep Of Kalesin:
Cds: (Epistemology)

Keep o kalesin.JPG
My Keep Of Kalessin CDs

Cds: (World 0v Worms – Circular Steel Case; Aeon- Circular Steel Case; Disintegrate)
DVDs: ‘Storm Detonation’

My Zyklon CDs
Zyklon dvd.JPG
My Zyklon DVDs


Cds: (Leprosy, Spiritual Healing)

My Death CDs

Morbid Angel:
Cds: (Altars Of Madness, Covenant, Domination)

My Morbid Angel CDs

iTunes albums: (The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1989-2005 – Slowly We Rot/Cause Of Death/The End Complete/World Demise/Back From The Dead/Frozen In Time)

Cds: (The Best Of; Incinerathymn; In Torment In Hell)
iTunes albums: (Complete Roadrunner Collection 1990 – 2001 Box set – Deicide/Legion/Once Upon The Cross/Serpents Of The Light/Incinerathymn/In Torment In Hell)

My Deicide CDs

Cannibal Corpse:
Cds: (Butcherd At Birth-Digipak, Gallery Of Suicide, Bloodthirst, Gore Obsessed, The Wretched Spawn-Digipakw/Dvd, Kill-Digipakw/Dvd)

cannibal corpse.JPG
My Cannibal Corpse CDs

Six Feet Under:
Cds: (Haunted, Warpath, Maximum Violence)

Six feet under.JPG
My Six Feet Under CDs

Cds: (The Firast Damned-Digipak) (LOST – No longer Own)

Cds: (Left Hand Path, Clandestine, Wolverine Blues, Uprising, Morning Star, Inferno, When In Sodom EP, Serpent Saints-Slipcase)
Dvds: ‘Monkey Puss- Live In London,’

My Entombed CDs
Entombed dvd.JPG
My Entombed DVDs

Napalm Death:
Cds: (Scum, From Enslavement To Obliteration, Mentally Murdered EP-cardsleeveRARE, Harmony Corruption, Death By Manipulation, Suffer The Children EP, The World Keeps Turning EP, Utopia Banished, Fear Emptiness Despair, Diatribes, Greed Killing Ep, Breed To Breathe EP, Inside The Torn Apart, Words From The Exit Wound, Leaders Not Followers, Enemy Of The Music Business, Order Of The Leech-Digipak, The Leech Sampler-Cardsleeve, The Code Is Red Long Live The Code-Digipak, Smear Campaign, Time Waits For No Slave-Digipak)
Dvds: ‘Punishment In Capitals,’ ‘The DVD,’

Napalm death.JPG
My Napalm Death CDs
Napalm dvd.JPG
My Napalm Death DVDs

MP3 Albums: (Dirge)

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, Glam, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands – with NWOBHM, Power Metal, NYHC & Groove, Thrash Metal Bands, NWOAHM/Metalcore Bands, Extreme Metal Bands – with Black, Death, Melodeath, Grindcore, Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Glam/Hair Metal/80s Hard Rock:

Mötley Crüe:
CD: (Too Fast For Love, Shout At The Devil, Theater Of Pain, Girls Girls Girls, Dr. Feelgood)

iTunes albums: (New Tattoo, Saints Of Los Angeles)
iTunes Songs: “All Bad Things” “Primal Scream” “Angela” “Rock N Roll Junkie” “Say Yeah” “Sinners & Saints” “Get It For Free” ”The Dirt” ”Ride With The Devil” ”Crash And Burn” ”If I Die Tommorow” ”Sick Love Song”
MP3 Songs: “Sex”
Blu Ray: ‘The End’


My Motley Crue CDs

Crue Blu.JPG

My Motley Crue Blu

Cds: (The Last Command/W.A.S.P, Headless Children/Inside The Electric Circus, The Crimson Idol-2CD)
iTunes Songs: ‘Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)’



Twisted Sister:
CD: (Under The Blade w/DVD, Stay Hungry, Armory Boxset: You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll/Come Out N Play/Love Is For Suckers)
Vinyl: (Under The Blade)

Twisted Sister.JPG

My Twisted Sister CDs

Twisted Sister Vinyl.JPG

My Twisted Sister Vinyl

Quiet Riot:
Cds: (2X Metal Health/Condition Critical)
iTunes Albums: (Rock Masters A Cold Day In Hell [aka. Terrified])
Vinyl: (Metal health)

Quiet Riot.JPG
My Quiet Riot CDs
Quiet Riot Vinyl.JPG
My Quiet Riot Vinyl My LA Guns CDs

Cds: (Original Album Classics:Breaking The Chains/Tooth And Nail/Under Lock And Key/Back For The Attack/Beast From The East)

My Dokken CDs

Cds: (Original Album Classics:Out Off The Cellar/Invasion Of Your Privacy/Dancing Undercover/Reach For The Sky/Detonator)

My Ratt

Cds: (Look What The Cat Dragged In, Open Up And Say Aaahh, Flesh & Blood, Native Tongue)

My Poison CDs

Cds: (2X Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich/Cherry Pie)

My Warrant CDs

Cds: (Pornografitti)

My Extreme CDs

LA Guns:
Cds: (LA Guns)


Skid Row:
Cds: (Skid Row, Slaves To The Grind)

Skid Row.JPG

My Skid Row CDs

Guns n Roses:
CDs: (Appetite For Destruction, Lies, Use Your Illusion 1, Use Your Illusion 2, The Spaghetti Incident, Live Era 87-93, Chinese Democracy)
MSN music songs: ‘Sympathy For The Devil,’
Dvds: ‘Your Illusion 1,’ ‘Use Your Illusion 2,’

My Guns N’ Roses CDs
My Guns N’ Roses DVDs

Bon Jovi:
Cds: (Bon Jovi, 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit, Slippery When Wet, New Jersey)

Bon jovi.JPG


Cds: (The Final Countdown)

My Europe CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Classic Rock Bands (with Southern Rock):

Jimi Hendrix:
Cds: (Are You Experienced-Digipakw/DVD, Axis Bold As Love-Digipakw/DVD, Electric Ladyland-Digipakw/DVD, First Rays of The New Rising Sun-Digipakw/DVD, Band of Gypsies)
iTunes Songs: ‘All Along The Watchtower,’ ‘Valleys Of Neptune,’ ‘Here He Comes (Lover Man),’ ‘Its Too Bad,’ ‘Hear My Train A Comin” ‘Message To Love (Alternate Version)’ ‘Astro Man,’ ‘Cherokee Mist,’ ‘Power Of Soul,’
Dvds: ‘Live At Woodstock,’ ‘Blue Wild Angel: Live At Isle Of Wight Festival,’
Blu Rays: ‘Live At Monterey,’

My Jimi Hendrix CDs
Hendrix Blu
My Jimi Hendrix Blu
hendrix dvd.JPG
My Jimi Hendrix DVDs

CDs: (AC/DC The Collection Boxset: High Voltage (European Version), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, Power Rage, Highway To Hell, You Want Blood You Got It, ’74 Jailbreak, Back In Black, For Those About To Rock We Salute You, Flick Of The Switch, Fly On The Wall, Blow Up Your Video, Who Made Who, The Razor’s Edge, AC/DC Live, Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip)
Vinyl: (Back In Black)
Dvds: ‘No Bull/Stiff Upper Lip DVD Video Set,’
Blu Ray: Live At The River Plate

acdc box.JPG
Alternative View of My AC/DC CDs with Box
ac dc dvd
My AC/DC Vinyl

CDs: (Kiss, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill, Destroyer, Rock n Roll Over, Love Gun, Lick It Up, Animalize, Asylum, Sonic Boom-Digipakw/DVD, Monsterw/3DSleeve)
Vinyl: (Alive)
Itunes: (Alive, Alive 2, Creatures Of The Night)
Itunes songs: ‘I’m A Legend Tonight,’ ‘I Was Made For Lovin You- (Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra),’
Dvds: ‘Alive 4,’ ‘Kissology 1,’ ‘Rock The Nation,’

IMG_20180826_141651 (2).jpg
My Kiss CDs
Kiss dvd
My Kiss DVD
My Kiss Vinyl

Led Zeppelin:
Cds: (1,2,3,4, Houses Of The Holy-Digipak, Physical Graffeti-2cd, Presence-Digipak, In Through The Out Door-CardSleeve, Coda, The Remasters-2Cd, How The West Was Won-3cd, The Song Remains The Same Soundtrack -2cd)

iTunes Songs: ‘Hey Hey What Can I Do?’ ‘Traveling Riverside Blues’ ‘The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair’ ‘Somethin Else’ ‘Baby Come On Home’ ‘Sugar Mama’ ‘St. Tristan’s Sword’ ‘Bring It On Home’

Dvds: ‘The Song Remains The Same,’ ‘Led Zeppelin,’
Blu Ray: ‘Celebration Day,’ ‘The Song Remains The Same’

My Led Zeppelin CDs My Led Zeppelin Blu
Zep dvd.JPG
My Led Zeppelin DVDs

Deep Purple:
Cds – (In Rock 25th anniversary edition, Fireball 25th anniversary edition/Slipcase, Machine Head 25th anniversary edition/Slipcase, Made In Japan 25th anniversary edition, Who Do They Think They Are 25th anniversary edition, Burn 25th anniversary edition/Slipcase, Storm Bringer 25th anniversary editionw/DVD/Slipcase, Come Taste The Band-Deluxeedition2cd/Slipcase, Now What?!)
Vinyl: (In Rock, Machine Head)
DVD – ‘Around The World Live,’
Blu Ray – ‘They All Came Down To Montreaux,’

Deep Purple.JPG
My Deep Purple CDs
Deep Purple Blu.JPG
My Deep Purple Blu
deep purple dvd.JPG
My Deep Purple DVDs
Deep Purple Vinyl
My Deep Purple Vinyl

Cds: (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Rising, Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll)
Vinyl: (Rising)

My Rainbow CDs
Rainbow Vinyl.JPG
My Rainbow Vinyl

Cds: (Ronnie James Dio- The Elf Albums)

My Elf CDs

Black Sabbath:
Cds: (Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Masters Of Reality, Vol.4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Technical Ecstasy, Never Say Die, Heaven And Hell, Mob Rules, Born Again, Dehumanizer-2cdDeluxeeditiondigipak, 13-Digipak)
Vinyl: (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, Heaven And Hell)
iTunes Songs: ‘The Devil Cried,’ ‘Shadow Of The Wind,’ ‘An Ear In The Wall,’
Dvds: ‘The Last Supper,’ ‘Never Say Die Live,’

My Black Sabbath CDs
Black sabbath dvd.JPG
My Black Sabbath DVDs
Black Sabbath Vinyl.JPG
My Black Sabbath Vinyl

Heaven And Hell:
Dvds: Live From The Radio City Music Hall,’

My Heaven & Hell DVDs

Thin Lizzy:
Cds: (Classic Album Selection: Nightlife/Fighting/Jailbreak/Johnny The Fox/Bad Reputation/Black Rose; China Town, Renegade, Thunder & Lightening)
Vinyl: (Jailbreak)

My Thin Lizzy CDs
Thin Lizzy Vinyl.JPG
My Thin Lizzy Vinyl

Van Halen:
Cds: (The Studio Albums 1978-1984 Boxset: 1/2/Women and Children First/Fair Warning/Diver Down/1984, A Different Kind Of Truth)
Vinyl: (Van Halen 1)

van halen.JPG
My Van Halen CDs
Van Halen Vinyl
My Van Halen Vinyl

Cds: (Queen-2CDSuperjewel, A Night At The Opera-2CDSuperjewel, Greatest Hits-3CDCardsleeve)
Vinyl: (Queen)

iTunes songs: ‘Father To Son’ ‘White Queen (As It Began)’ ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke’ ‘The March Of The Black Queen’ ‘The Loser In The End’ ‘Ogre Battle’ ‘Brighton Rock’ ‘Flick Of The Wrist’ ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ ‘It’s Late’ ‘Fight From The Inside’ ‘Spread Your Wings’ ‘Dead On Time’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’ ‘If You Cant Beat Them’ ‘Mustapha’ ‘Battle Theme’ ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ ‘White Man.’ ‘You And I’ ‘Dragon Attack’ ‘Need Your Loving Tonight’ ‘Rock It (Prime Jive)’ ‘Tear It Up.’

Blu Ray: ‘Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid.’

My Queen CDs
queen blu.JPG
My Queen Blu
My Queen Vinyl

Lynyrd Skynyrd:
Cds: (One More From The Road-DeluxeEdition2cd, The Complete Muscle Shoals Album)
Vinyl : (Skynyrd’s First And Last)
Dvds: ‘Lyve: 30th Anniversary Vicious Cycle Tour,’

lynyrd skynyrd.JPG
My Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs
Lynyrd skynrd dvd.JPG
My Lynyrd Skynyrd DVDs
Lynyrd Skynyrd Vinyl.JPG
My Lynyrd Skynyrd Vinyl

Cds: (Strikes, Tomcattin’, Marauder)

My Blackfoot CDs

ZZ Top:
Cds: (Original Album Series: Rio Grande Mud/Tres Hombres/Fandango!/Deguello/Eliminator; Original Album Series 2: ZZ Top’s First Album/Tejas/El Loco/Afterburner/Recycler)

My ZZ Top CDs

Cds: (Original Album Series: Energized/Foghat/Fool For The City/Live/Tight Shoes)
iTunes Songs: ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You,’ ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You(Live),’

My Foghat CDs

Cds: (Original Album Series: Climbing/Nantucket Sleighride/Flowers Of Evil/Avalanche/Twin Peaks)

My Mountain CDs

Cds: (Magazine, Little Queen, Dog & Butterfly)
Vinyl: (Dreamboat Annie)
Itunes: (Dreamboat Annie, Bebe Le Strange)
DVDs: ‘Alive In Seattle’ ‘Dreamboat Annie Live,’

My Heart CDs
Heart dvd.JPG
My Heart DVDs
Heart Vinyl.JPG
My Heart Vinyl

CDs: (Areosmith, Get Your Wings, Toys In The Attic, Rocks, Draw The Line, Done With Mirrors, Permanent Vaction, Pump, Get A Grip)

My Areosmith CDs

CDs: (Boston, Don’t Look Back)

My Boston CDs

Alice Cooper:
Cds: ( School’s Out; Origional Album Classics: Billion Dollar Babies/Muscle Of Love/Welcome To My Nightmare/Go To Hell/The Alice Cooper Show Live; Trash, Hey Stoopid)
Blu Ray: (‘Theater Of Death Live At Hammermith 2009’)

My Alice Cooper CDs

Cds: (Kick Out The Jams)

My MC5 CDs

The Stooges:
Cds: (The Stooges, Fun House, Raw Power)

My The Stooges CDs

iTunes Albums: (Smokin’ Bats At Campton’s)

The Who
iTunes Songs: ‘I’m One’

Pat Benetar
iTunes Songs: ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’

Black Country Communion
Cds: (S/T-w/DVD, 2-Deluxeeditiondigipak, Afterglow-w/DVD, BCCIV)
Blu Ray: ‘Live Over Europe’

My Black Country Communion CDs
My Black Country Communion Blu

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands:

Queens Of The Stone Age:
Cds: (Queens Of The Stone Age, Rated R-2cd, Songs For The Deaf-w/Dvd, Lullabies To Paralyz–Digipakw/Dvd, Era Vulgaris-Superjewel, ….Like Clockwork-Slipcase)
Cd Singles: (No One Knows 1&2, Go With The Flow, Little Sister 2)
Dvds: ‘Over The Years And Through The Woods,’


Cds: (Wretch, Blues For The Red Sun, Welcome To Sky Valley, And The Circus Leaves Town)
iTunes: ‘Un Sandpiper,’ ‘Shine,’ ‘Mudfly,’ ‘A Day Early And A Dollar Extra,’ ‘Flip The Phase,’ ‘Fatso Forgetso,’

My Kyuss CDs

Mondo Generator:
Cds: (A Drug Problem That Never Existed)

Mondo Generator.JPG
My Mondo Generator CDs

Slo Burn:
iTunes Albums: (Amusing The Amazing EP)

CDs: (Celestial Hi-Fi)
Mp3 albums: (Blue Sky Mind, The Electric Sleep, Celestial Hi-Fi, Synchronized, Republic?)

My Sheavy CDs

Fu Manchu:
CDs: (California Crossing)

Fu Manchu.JPG
My Fu Manchu CDs

CDs: (Pure Rock Fury, Blast Tyrant-digipak, Robot Hive Exodus-digipak, From Beale Street To Oblivion-digipak, Strange Cousins From The West-Digipak, Earth Rocker-Digipak, Book Of Bad Decisions – Digipak)
iTunes albums: (Slow Hole To China: Rare & Unreleased, Psychic Warfare)
iTunes: ‘What Would A Wookie Do?’ ‘Bottoms Up, Socrattes,’ ‘Pigtown Blues’ ‘Motherless Child (Acoustic)’ ‘Night Hag’

My Clutch CDs

Sixty Watt Shaman:
Cds: (Seed Of Decades, Reason To Live)

Sixty Watt Shaman.JPG
My Sixty Watt Shaman CDs

Five Horse Johnson:
CDs: (The No.6 Dance, The Mystery Spot)

Five Horse Johnson.JPG
My Five Horse Johnson CDs

Monster Magnet:
CDs: (Spine Of God, Superjudge, Dopes To Infinity, Powertrip, God Says No, Monolithic Babyw/DVD, Four Way Diablo, Mastermind, The Last Patrol-SpecialEdition, Mindfucker)
iTunes Albums: (Tab)
iTunes Songs: ‘Fuzz Pig’ ‘Watch Me Fade’ ‘Unsolid’ ‘Big God’ ‘Gimme Danger’

My Monster Magnet CDs

Cds: (In The Trail Of A Comet/Madre De Dios, Through The Eyes Of Heathens, Beyond Colossal)
Amazon MP3 Albums: (Call It Conspiracy)

My Dozer CDs

CDs: (Holy Mountain)
MPS Songs: “The Clarity”

My Sleep CDs

Red Fang:
CDs: (Murder The Mountains, Whales & Leeches)
iTunes Songs: ‘LSP,’ ‘Through,’ ‘Over The Edge,’ ‘Pawn Everything,’

Red Fang.JPG
My Red Fang CDs

Black Tusk:
CDs: (Set The Dial)

Black Tusk.JPG
My Black Tusk CDs

The Sword:
CDs: (High Country)

My The Sword CDs

The Grand Astoria:
CDs (The Grand Astoria-Digipak, Omnipresence-DigiPak)
iTunes albums: (Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom)
Bandcamp MP3: ‘To Whom It May Concern’

My The Grand Astoria CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Prog Metal Bands and Metal Bands Who’re Progressive:

CDs: (The Warning, Rage For Order, Operation Mindcrime-2CD, Empire, Promised Land, Hear In The Now Frontier, Q2K, Tribe, Operation Mindcrime 2, Frequency Unknown, Queensryche, Condition Human)
Vinyl: (The Warning, Rage For Order, Operation Mindcrime, Empire)
iTunes Albums : (Queensryche EP)
iTunes Songs: ‘Waiting For The Kill’ ‘Chasing Blue Sky’ ‘Justified’ ‘Road To Madness ([Live] from The Art Of Live)
DVDs: ‘Live Evolution’
Blu Ray: ‘Mindcrime At The Moore’

My Queensryche CDs
Queensryche Blu.JPG
My Queensryche Blu
Queensryche DVD.JPG
My Queensryche DVD
My Queensryche Vinyl

CDs: (Sirens & The Dungeons Are Calling The Complete Sessions)
iTunes Albums: (Power Of The Night, Hall Of The Mountain King, Gutter Ballet, Streets: A Rock Opera, Edge Of Thorns, Handful Of Rain)

My Savatage CDs

Dream Theater:
Cds: (Original Album Classics: Images And Words/Awake/Falling Into Infinity/Metropolis Prt 2 Scenes From A Memory/Train Of Thought, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence)
Blu Ray: ‘Live At Budokan’ ‘Live At Luna Park’

Dream Theater.JPG
My Dream Theater CDs
Dream Theater Blu.JPG
My Dream Theater Blu

Psychotic Waltz:
Cds: (Boxset:A Social Grace/Mosquito w/DVD)

My Psychotic Waltz CDs

CDs: (Call Of The Mastodon, Remission, Leviathan -Slipcase/dvd, Blood Mountain-Slipcase/dvd, Crack The Skyew/dvd, The Hunter Digipakw/DVD, Once More Round The Sun, Emperor Of Sand)
iTunes albums: (Jonah Hex EP)
iTunes songs: ‘Black Tounge,’ ‘Curl Of The Burl,’ ‘Just Got Paid,’ ‘The Ruiner,’ ‘Deathbound,’
Dvds: ‘The Workhorse Chronicals,’ ‘Live At The Aragon,’

My Mastodon CDs
Mastodon dvd.JPG
My Mastodon DVDs
Mastodon Vinyl.JPG
My Mastodon Vinyl

CDs: (Red Album, Blue Record, Yellow&Green, Purple, Gold & Grey)

My Baroness CDs

Kowloon Walled City:
MP3 Albums: (Turk Street EP, Gambling On The Richter Scale)

Cds: (Sovereign-Slipcase, A Sun That Never Sets )

My Neurosis CDs

CDs: (Oceanic, Panopticon, In The Absence Of Truth, Wavering Radiant)

My Isis CDs

65 Days Of Static:

CDs: (The Fall Of Math, One Time For All Time, The Destruction Of Small Ideas)

My 65 Days Of Static CDs

CDs: (Original Album Classics: Judgement/A Fine Day To Exit/A Natural Disaster; We’re Here Because We’re Here, Falling Deeper, Weather Systems)
Blu Ray: ‘Universal’

My Anathema CDs
Anathema Blu.JPG
My Anathema Blu

Porcupine Tree:
CDs: (Stupid Dream-Specialedition, In Absentia, Deadwing, Fear Of A Blank Planet, The Incident)
iTunes albums: (Nil Recurring EP)
Blu Ray: ‘Anesthetize’

My Porcupine Tree CDs
Porcupine Blu.JPG
My Porcupine Tree Blu

Cds: (Second Life Syndrome, Rapid Eye Movement, Anno Domini High Definition-W/DVD, Shrine Of New Generation Slaves)
iTunes Albums: ‘Voices In My Head’ ‘Memories In My Head’
iTunes Songs: ‘Lucid Dream IV’ ‘Back To The River’

My Riverside CDs

Distorted Harmony:
MP3 Albums: (Utopia)

Pain Of Salvation:
Amazon MP3: (The Perfect Element Part 1)

CDs: (Periphery, Juggernaut Alpha, Juggernaut Omega, iii-Select Difficulty)
Amazon MP3: (Periphery II)

iTunes albums: (Periphery 2)


My Periphery CDs

Amazon Mp3s: (Altered State)
CDs: (Sonder)

Cds: (Gnosis)

My Monuments CDs

Protest The Hero:
Cds: (Kezia, Fortress, Gallop Meets The Earthw/DVD, Scurrilous-Digipak, Volition-Digipak)
MP3 Albums: Pacific Myth

Protest The Hero.JPG
My Protest The Hero CDs


CDs: (L’Enfant Savage)

Blu Ray: ‘The Flesh Alive-deluxeversion’

My Gojira CDs
My Gojira Blu Ray


CDs: (Watershed)
iTunes albums: (Blackwater Park, Damnation, Ghost Reveries, Watershed, Heritage, Pale Communion, Scorceress)
DVDs: ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’

My Opeth CDs
Opeth Blu.JPG
My Opeth DVDs

CDs: (The Octopus-Digipak)
Mp3s: The Fractal EP


My Amplifier CDs

CDs (The Mountain)


My Hakken CDs

Organic Is Orgasmic:
CDs (As We Speak Of Space And Wisdom)

My Organic Is Orgasmic CDs

The Mars Volta:
Cds: (Deloused In The Comatorium, Frances The Mute, Amputecture, The Bedlam In Goliath-Superjewel, Octohedron-Digipak, Noctourniquet)
iTunes: (‘Tremulant-EP,’ ‘The Widdow-EP,’)

Mars Volta.JPG
My The Mars Volta CDs

CDs (Opiate)
Singles: (Schism, Parabola)


My Tool CDs

A Perfect Circle:
CDs: (Mere De Noms, 13th Step)


My A Perfect Circle CDs

iTunes Albums: (Terras Fames, Eidolon, Feather Gun)
CDs: (Living As Ghosts With Buildings As Teeth)
Vinyl: (Feathergun)

Rishloo Vinyl.JPG

My Rishloo Vinyl

CDs (Sharing Space)


My Cog CDs

CDs (The Living Measure Of Time)


My Jurojin CDs

Coheed And Cambria:
Cds: (Year Of The Black Rainbow-W/DVD, The Afterman:Ascension, The Afterman:Descension, The Color After The Sun, Unheavenly Creatures)
Dvds: ‘Neverender,’

My Coheed & Cambria CDs
Coheed DVD.JPG
My Coheed & Cambria DVDs

Fair To Midland:
CDs: (Fabels From A Mayfly What I Tell You Three Times Is True, Arrows And Anchors)

Fair To Midland.JPG
My Fair To Midland CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Nu Metal Bands:

Faith No More:
Cds: (Introduce Yourself, Original Album Series: The Real Thing/Angel Dust/King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime/Album Of The Year/Live At Brixton Academy)

Faith No More.JPG
My Faith No More CDs

Living Colour:
Cds: Vivid

Living Colour.JPG
My Living Colour CDs

Rage Against The Machine:
Dvds: ‘Live At The Grand Olympic Theatre,’
iTunes Songs ‘Killing In The Name Of,’


Cds: (Sehnsucht, Reise Reise, Rosenrot-Digipak)
DVDs: ‘Live Aus Berlin’ ‘Lichtspielhaus’

My Rammstein CDs
Rammstein DVD.JPG
My Rammstein CDs

Marilyn Manson:
Cds: (Portrait Of An American Family, Smells Like Children EP, Antichristsuperstar-Slipcase, Mechanical Animals-Slipcase, Holywood-Slipcase, The Last Tour On Earth, The Golden Age Of Grotesque-Slipcasew/Dvd, Eat Me Drink Me-Superjewel, The High End Of Low, Born Villain-Digipak, The Pale Emperor, Heaven Upside Down )
Blu Ray: ‘Guns God And Government Live In LA,’


My Marilyn Manson CDs

Manson Blu.JPG
My Marilyn Manson Blu

Rob Zombie:
CDs: (Hellbilly Deluxe, The Sinister Urge, Educated Horses, Hellbilly Deluxe 2, Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor)
Blu Ray: (The Zombie Horror Picture Show)

Rob Zombie.JPG
My Rob Zombie CDs
Rob Zombie Blu.JPG
My Rob Zombie Blu

White Zombie:
CDs: (La Sexorcisto Devil Music Volume 1, Astro Creep 2000)

White Zombie.JPG
My White Zombie CDs

Powerman 5000:
Cds: (Mega!Kungfu Radio, Tonight The Stars Revolt, Anyone For Doomsday-RARE, Transform, Korea EP, Destroy What You Enjoy, Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere, Builders Of The Future )
Dvds: ‘Backstage And Beyond The Infinite,’

My Powerman 5000 CDs
Powerman 5000 dvd.JPG
My Powerman 5000 DVDs

Cds: (LD50, The Begining Of All Things To End, The End Of All Things To Come-Digipakw/DVD,Lost And Found, By The People For The People, The New Game, S/T-Deluxe Editonw/Blacklight)
DVDs: ‘Live In Peoria,’ ‘All Access To All Things,’

My Mudvayne CDs
Muudvyane Special.JPG
My Mudvayne Special Edition Box view
Mudvayne dvd.JPG
My Mudvayne DVD

CDs: (XX, XIII, Saviour Sorrow, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, The Righteous & The Butterfly-Digipak)

My Mushroomhead CDs

Cds: (Only The Strong, Endangered Species, Homegrown Studio Sessions)

My Flaw CDs

Cds: (Korn, Life Is Peachy, Follow The Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Take A Look In The Mirror-Digpakw/Dvd)
Cd Singles: (Did My Time)
Dvds: ‘Live at the Hammerstein,’

Korn (2).JPG
My Korn CDs
Korn dvd.JPG
My Korn DVDs

Limp Bizkit:

CDs: (Results May Vary, Gold Cobra)

IMG_20180826_142430 (2).jpg
My Limp Bizkit CDs

System Of A Down:
Cds: (System Of A Down, Toxicity, Steal This Album, Mesmerize-Digipak, Hypnotize-Digipak)
Cd Singles: (Toxicity-Cardsleeve)


Serj Tankian:
Cds: (Elect The Dead-Digipak, Imperfect Harmonies, Harakiri)
iTunes songs: ‘Goddamn Trigger,’ ‘Fears,’ ‘Revolver’ ‘Tyrants Gratitude’
DVDs: ‘Elect The Dead Symphony-Digipakw/CD,’

My Serj Tankian CDs

American Headcharge
CDs: (The Feeding, Tango Umbrella)


Cds: (Greed)

My Pulkas CDs

Cds: (Do We Speak A Dead Language?)

My Downset CDs

Cds: (The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible, Asylum, Live At Red Rocks)
iTunes Songs: ‘Monster’

My Disturbed CDs

Cds: (Strictly Diesel, The Height Of Callousness-Digipak)

My Spineshank CDs

Cds: (Demo, Soil, Redefine, Whole-Digipak)
Cd Singles: (Halo, Unreal)
Vinyl Singles: (Halo)

My Soil CDs

The Union Underground:
Cds: (An Education In Rebellion)
iTunes Songs: ‘Across The Nation’

Union Underground.JPG
My The Union Underground CDs

Ill Nino:
Cds: (Revolution Revolucion)

Ill Nino.JPG
My Ill Nino CDs

Drowning Pool:
Cds: (Sinner)

Drowning Pool.JPG
My Drowning Pool CDs

Papa Roach:
Cds: (Infest-LOST, LoveHateTragedy)

Papa Roach.JPG
My Papa Roach CDs

Coal Chamber:
Cds: (Coal Chamber, Chamber Music-digipak, Dark Days)

Coal Chamber.JPG
My Coal Chamber CDs

Cds: (Snot)

My Snot CDs

Static X:
Cds: (Wisconsin Death Trip, Machine)

Static X.JPG
My Static X CDs

Cds: (Morning View, A Crow After The Murder)

My Incubus CDs

The Workhorse Movement:
Cds: (Sons Of The Pioneers)

Workhorse (2).JPG
My Workhorse Movement CDs

Cds: (One Minute Science)

My Sunna CDs

Stone Sour:
Cds: (StoneSour)

Stone Sour.JPG
My Stone Sour CDs

CD singles: ‘Sleeping Awake’

My P.O.D CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Progressive Rock Bands:

Jethro Tull:
Cds: (This Was-40thAnniverseryDeluxeEdition2cd , Stand Up, Benefit, Aqualung, Living In The Past, Thick As A Brick, A Passion Play, Warchild, Minstrel in the Gallery, Too Old To Rock And Roll Too Young To Die, Songs From The Woods, Heavy Horses, Bursting Out-2cd, Stormwatch, A-w/DVD, Broadsword And The Beast, Crest Of A Knave, Rock Island, Catfish Rising, Roots To Branches, J-Tull Dot Com, Thick As A Brick 2 – Digipackw/DVD*)

Vinyl: (Benefit, Thick As A Brick, A Passion Play, Stormwatch)
Dvds: ‘Nothing Is Easy: Live At IOW Festival,’ ‘Jack In The Green,’ ‘Live At Montreax,’ ‘Live At Madison Square Garden 1978-CD/DVD’
Blu Ray: Thick As A Brick Live In Iceland*
iTunes: (‘Nightcap-The Unreleased Masters 1973-1991,’)

*Technically an Ian Anderson solo career release, but based on Jethro Tull work.


My Tull CDS

Tull dvd.JPG

My Tull DVDS


My Jethro Tull Vinyl

Tull Blu.JPG

My Tull Blu

King Crimson:
Cds: (In The Court Of The Crimson King, In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard, Islands, Lark’s Tongues In Aspic, Starless And Bible Black, Red, USA live, Discipline, Beat, Three Of A Perfect Pair, Thrak, Vroom Vroom, The Construction Of Light, Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With, The Power To Believe)
Dvds: ‘Neal And Jack And Me,’ ‘Deja Vroom,’ ‘Eyes Wide Open,’

King Crimson.JPG

My King Crimson CDS

King crimson dvd

My King Crimson DVD

Gentle Giant:
Cds: (Gentle Giant -Digipak; Acquiring The Taste -Digipak; Three Friends- Digipak; Octopus –Digipak; In The Glass House –Slipcase; The Power And The Glory –Slipcase; Freehand –Slipcase; Interview – Slipcase; The Missing Piece –Slipcase)
DVDs: ‘GG At The GG,’ ‘Giant On The Box,’

Gentle Giant.JPG

My Gentle Giant CDS

gentle giant dvd

My Gentle Giant DVDS

Pink Floyd:
Cds: (Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, A Saucer Full Of Secrets, More, Ummagumma – 2cd slipcase, Atom Heart Mother, Obscured By Clouds, Dark Side Of The Moon –sacd; Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall – 2cd; The Final Cut, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, The Division Bell)
Vinyl: (Dark Side Of The Moon)
DVDs: ‘Live At Pompeii,’ ‘Pulse,’
Vhs: ‘The Delicate Sound Of Thunder,’

pink floyd.JPG

My Pink Floyd CDs

pink floyd dvd.JPG

My Pink Floyd DVDs

Pink Floyd Vinyl.JPG

My Pink Floyd Vinyl

Roger Waters:
Cds: (The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking, Radio Kaos, Amused To Death, Ca Ira)
MSN music songs: ‘To Kill The Child,’ ‘Leaving Beirut,’
Dvds: ‘In The Flesh,’ ‘The Wall Live In Berlin,’

roger waters.JPG

My Roger Waters CDs

roger waters dvd.JPG

My Roger Waters DVDs

David Gilmour:
Dvds: ‘In Concert,’ ‘Remember That Night-Live At The Royal Albert Hall,’

Dave gilmour dvd

My David Gilmour DVDs

Cds: (Yes, Time And A Word, The Yes Album, Fragile-Digipack, Close To The Edge, Tales Of Topographic Oceans-Digipak, Relayer-Digipak, Going For The One, Tormato, Drama, Keystudio, The Ladder, Magnification, Topography)
Vinyl: (The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge)
Dvds: ‘Yesymphonic,’ ‘Live At Montreaux,’ ‘Songs From Tsongas,’


My Yes CDs

yes dvd.JPG

My Yes DVDs

Yes Vinyl.JPG

My Yes Vinyl

Rick Wakeman:
Dvds: ‘Live In Cuba,’

wakeman dvd.JPG

My Rick Wakeman

Cds: (Trespass, Nursery Crime, Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-2CD, A Trick Of The Tail –SACD/DVD, Wind And Wuthering–SACD/DVD, Turn It On again-2CD, Live Over Europe-2cd)
Vinyl: (Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway)
Dvds: ‘When In Rome,’


My Genesis CDs

genesis dvd.JPG

My Genesis DVDs

Genesis Vinyl.JPG

My Genesis Vinyl

Emerson Lake & Palmer:
Cds: (Emerson Lake And Palmer, Pictures At An Exhibition-Digipak, Tarkus-Digipak, Brain Salad Surgery)

HMV MP3: (”Pirates,” ”Memoirs of an Office and a Gentleman”)
Vinyl: (Emerson Lake And Palmer, Tarkus)
Dvds: ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall,’ ‘Beyond The Beginning,’



ELp dvd.JPG



My ELP Vinyl

Cds: (Caress Of Steel, 2112, All The Worlds A Stage, A Farewell To Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Snakes And Arrows, Clockwork Angels-Digipak)

Itunes albums: (Exit Stage Left , A Show Of Hands)
Vinyl: (2112, A Farewell To Kings, Hemispheres)
Dvds: ‘Replayx3,’ ‘R30,’
Blu Ray: ‘Snakes And Arrows:Live,’ ‘R30.’


My Rush CDs

rush blu.JPG

My Rush Blu

rush dvd.JPG

My Rush DVDs

Rush Vinyl.JPG

My Rush Vinyl

Cds: (Camel, Mirage, The Snow Goose, Moonmadness, Rain Dances, Breathless, Nude)
Dvds: ‘Moondances,’


My Camel CDs

camel dvd.JPG

My Camel DVDs

Cds: (Caravan, If I Could Do It All Over Again I’d Do It All Over You, In The Land Of Grey And Pink, For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night)
DVDs: ‘Classic Rock Legends Presents Caravan,’


My Caravan CDs

caravan dvd.JPG

My Caravan DVDs

Van Der Graaf Generator:
CDs: (The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Eachother, H To He Who Am The Only One, Pawn Hearts, Godbluff, Still Life, World Record, The Quiet Zone/Pleasure Dome)
Dvds: ‘The Live Broadcasts,’ ‘Live At The Paridiso April 2007,’



vdgg dvd.JPG


CDs: (Script For A Jester’s Tear, Fugazi, Misplaced Childhood, Clutching At Straws, B’Sides Themselves)
DVDs: ‘Recital Of The Script,’ ‘Live From Loreley,’
Vinyl: (Script For A Jester’s Tear, Fugazi, Misplaced Childhood)


My Marillion CDs

marillion dvd.JPG

My Marillion DVDs

Mike Oldfield:
Cds: (Tubular Bells-Cardboard Sleeve)

mike oldfield.JPG

My Mike Oldfield CDs

Dvds: ‘There’s Know Place Like Home,’

kansas dvd.JPG

My Kansas DVDs

iTunes: (‘The Tain,’ ‘The Book Of Invasions- A Celtic Symphony,’)
iTunes songs: ‘If It Takes All Night,’ ‘Homesick,’ ‘Sure The Boy Was Green,’

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Grunge Bands:

Cds:(Bleach, Incesticide, Nevermind, In Utero, Nirvana)
Dvds: ‘Live Tonight Sold Out,’ ‘Live At Reading,’

Blu Ray: ‘Live At The Paramount’

My Nirvana CDs
Nirvana DVD.JPG
My Nirvana DVDs
Nirvan Blu
My Nirvana Blu

Pearl Jam:
Cds: (Ten, Vs, Vitology-Digipak, No Code-Digipak, Yeild-Digipak, Lost Dogs -2CDDigipak, Riot Act -DigiPak, Pearl Jam-Digipak, Backspacer-Digipak, Lightning Bolt-Digipak)
Dvds: ‘Touring Band 2000,’ ‘At Madison Square Garden,’

Pearl Jam.JPG
My Pearl Jam CDs
Pearl Jam dvd.JPG
My Pearl Jam DVDs

Alice In Chains:
Cds: ( Facelift, Dirt, Alice In Chains, Original Album Classics boxset: Sap/Jar Of Flies/MTV Unplugged)
iTunes Songs: ‘Get Born Again’ ‘Died’ ‘A Little Bitter’ ‘What The Hell Have I’ ‘Killing Yourself’ ‘Can’t Have You Blues’ ‘Social Parasite’ ‘Watcha Gunna Do’

DVDs: ‘MTV Unplugged,’ ‘Music Bank The Videos’

My Alice In Chains CDs
My Alice In Chains DVDs

Cds: (Screaming Life/Fopp-Digipak, Ultramega Ok-Digipak 241 Series: Louder Than Love/Badmotorfinger, SuperUnknown, Down On The Upside, Echo Of Miles)

My Soundgarden CDs

Stone Temple Plots:
Cds: (Core, Purple, Tiny Music Songs From The Vatican Giftshop, No.4)

Stone Temple Pilots.JPG
My Stone Temple Pilots CDs

Cds: (Superfuzz Bigmuff Deluxe Edition)

My Mudhoney CDs

Cds: (Frogstomp, Freakshow, Neon Ballroom, Diorama-Slipcase)

My Silverchair CDs

Smashing Pumpkins:
Cds: (Siamese Dream, Melon Colie And The Infinite Sadness)

My Smashing Pumpkins

CDs: (Razorbalde Suitcase)

My Bush CDs

Cds: (Audioslave)

My Audioslave CDs

Foo Fighters:
CD Singles: (Times Like These)

My Foo Fighters CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Alternative/PopPunk/Punk/Hardcore Punk/Posthardcore Misc etc:

Sex Pistols:
iTunes Albums: (Never Mind The Bollox, Here’s The Sex Pistols Special Edition)

Cds: (1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, Shenanigans, American Idiot, Bullet In A Bible-Digipakw/DVD, 21ST Century Breakdown)
Itunes songs: ‘J.A.R,’ ‘Poprocks And Coke,’ ‘Shoplifter,’ ‘Governator,’ ‘Hearts Collide,’ ‘Another State Of Mind,’ ‘Lights Out,’ ‘Cigarettes And Valentines [Live],’

My Green Day CDs
Greenday DVD.JPG
My Green Day DVDs

The Offspring:
Cds: (Ignition, Smash, Ixnay On The Hombre, Americana, Conspiracy Of One)

The Offspring.JPG
My The Offspring CDs

Cds: (Lets Go, And Out Come The Wolves, Life Won’t Wait, Indestructible)

My Rancid CDs

Cds: (Punk In Drublic, Heavy Petting Zoo, So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes, Pump Up The Valium, War On Errorism)


Cds: (About Time, Full Circle, Straight Ahead)

My Pennywise CDs

The Distillers:
Cds: (The Distillers, Sing Sing Death House)

My Distillers CDs

Alkaline Trio:
Cds: (From Here To Infirmary, Good Mourning-Digipak, Agony& Irony)

Alkaline Trio.JPG
My Alkaline Trio CDs

Blink 182:
Cds: (Take Off Your Pants And Jacket)

Blink 182.JPG
My Blink 182 CDs

Less Than Jake:
Cds: (Hello Rockview/Loosing Streak)

Less Than Jake.JPG
My Less Than Jake CDs

Sum 41:
Cds: (Half Hour Of Power, All Killer No Filler, Does This Look Infected?, Chuck)

Sum 41.JPG
My Sum 41 CDs

Cds: (Eternity In Your Arms)

iTunes albums: (Creeper EP, Stranger EP, Callous Heart EP)

My Creeper CDs

Against Me:
iTunes/ Amazon MP3 Albums: (Acoustic EP, The Eternal Cowboy, Searching For A Former Clarity, New Wave, New Wave B Sides, White Crosses, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Shape Shift With Me)

iTunes Songs: (‘Occult Enemies,’ ‘Russian Spies’ ‘500 Years’ ‘First High Of The Morning’ ‘Strip Mall Parking Lots (Acoustic)’)

Minor Threat:
Cds: (Complete Discography)

Minor Threat.JPG

My Minor Threat CDs

Black Flag:
iTunes Albums: (Damaged, My War)

Bad Brains:
iTunes Albums: (Bad Brains, Rock The Light)

Dead Kennedys:
iTunes Albums: (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, In God We Trust Inc/Plastic Surgery Disasters, Frankenchrist)

Circle Jerks:
iTunes Albums: (Circle Jerks, Wild In The Streets)

iTunes Albums: (Adolescents)

7 Seconds:
iTunes Albums: (The Crew, Walk Together Rock Together)

iTunes Albums: (Sometyhing Better Change, Hardcore ’81, War On ’45)
iTunes Songs: ‘Fucked Up Ronnie’

iTunes Albums: (M.D.C.-Special Edition)

Negative Approach:
iTunes Albums: (Total Recall)

Poison Idea:
Cds: (Feel The Darkness)

Poison Idea.JPG
My Poison Idea CDs

Cds: (Beyond TheValley Of The Murderdolls)

My Murderdolls CDs

Cds: (Amen, We Have Come For Your Parents, Death Before Music)
Cd Singles: (Too Hard To Be Free)
Dvds: ‘Caught In The Act,’

My Amen CDs
My Amen DVDs

Cds: (Orchestra Of Wolves, Grey Britain)

My Gallows CDs

Every Time I Die:
CDs: (Hot Damn, Gutter Phenomenon)


At The Drive In:
Cds: (Relationship Of Command)

My At The Drive In CDs

Hundred Reasons:
Cds: (Ideas Above Our Station)

Hundred Reasons.JPG
My Hundred Reasons CDs


CDs: (Everything You Ever Wantd To Know About Silence, Worship & Tribute)

My Glassjaw CDs

CDs: (Fake History-digipak, The Blackest Beautiful)

My Letlive CDs

Cds: (The Weird And Wonderful, Knowing What You Know Now)

IMG_20180827_122115 (2).jpg
My Marmozets CDs

Jetplane Landing:
Cds: (Zero For Conduct, El Quatres Gats, Once Like A Spark, Once Like A Spark-White Card Promo Copy, Backlash Cop, Don’t Try)
Cd Singles: (I Opt Out-Promo Copy, Brave Gravity-Promo Copy, Calculate The Risk- Promo Copy,)

Jetplane Landing.JPG
My Jetplane Landing CDs

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal BandsStoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

British Indie Bands:

CDs: (In Rainbows, The King Of Limbs)
iTunes Songs: ‘The Daily Mail’ ‘Staircase’

My Radiohead CDs

Cds: (Showbiz, The Origin Of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Black Holes And Revelations-Digipak, Resistance, The 2nd Law)


The Libertines:
Cds: (Up The Bracket, The Libertines, Anthems For The Doomed Youth-digipak)
Cd Singles: (Can’t Stand Me Now 1& 2, Don’t Look Back Into The Sun 2, What Became Of The Likely Lads 1&2)
DVDs: ‘There Are No Innocent ByStanders’

My Libertines CDs
Libertines dvd.JPG
My Libertines DVDs

Cds: (Down In Albion, The Blinding-Digipak, Shotters Nation-w/Dvd, Oh What A Lovely Tour-w/Dvd)
Cd Singles: (Killamangiro, Fuck Forever1&2, Albion 1&2, Delivery, Littl’ans Their Way)
Mp3 Songs: ‘From Bollywood To Battersea’
Itunes Songs: ‘A Day Out In New Brighton,’ ‘I Wish (Mick Vocal Take),’ ‘Bundles’
Dvds: ‘Up The Shambles,’

My Babyshambles CDs and Vinyl
Babyshambles dvd.JPG
My Babyshambles DVDs

Dirty Pretty Things:
Cds: (Waterloo To Anywhere-W/Dvd, Romance At Short Notice-Superjewel)
Cd Singles: (Bang Bang Your Dead, Deadwood, Wondering, Tired Of England)
iTunes Songs: ‘Holy Golightly,’ ‘Tired Of England,’ ‘The Weekenders,’ ‘Run Fat Boy Run,’
Dvds: ‘Puffin On A Coffin Nail,’

My Dirty Pretty Things CDs
My Dirty Pretty Things DVDs

Peter Doherty:
Cds: (Grace/Wastelands)
Itunes songs: ‘The Ballad Of Grimaldi,’ ‘Don’t Look Back,’ ‘Through The Looking Glass,’ ‘Salome (Acoustic),’

pete doherty.JPG
My Pete Doherty CDs

Cds: (The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales)

My Yeti CDs

Arctic Monkeys:
Cds: (Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not-Digipak, Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys-Digipak, Favourite Worst Nightmare-Digipak, Humbug-Digipak, Suck It And See-Digipak, AM-Digipak, The Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino)
Cd Singles: (I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, When The Sun Goes Down, Left Before The Lights Came On, Brainstorm1&2, Fluorescent Adolescent, Teddy Picker)
iTunes songs: ‘Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You’ ‘2013’ ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ ‘Come Together [Live]’ ‘Electricity’ ‘R U Mine’ ‘You And I,’ ‘Evil Twin,’ ‘Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler),”The Blonde-O-Matic Shimmer Trap,”I.D.S.T,’‘Catapult,’ ‘Sketchhead,’ ‘Fright Lined Dining Room,’ ‘Red Right Hand,’ ‘I Still Haven’t Got My Strange,’ ‘Settle For A Draw,’
DVDs: ‘At The Appolo’

IMG_20180827_122428 (2).jpg
My Arctic Monkeys CDs
My Arctic Monkeys DVDs

The Last Shadow Puppets:
Cds: (The Age Of Understatement-Digipak)

My Last Shadow Puppets CDs

The Fratellis:
Cds: (Costello Music, Here We Stand-Super Jewel, We Need Medecine-Digipak, Eyes Wide Tongue Tied-Digipak, In Your Own Sweet Time-digipak)
Cd Singles: (Mistress Mable)
MSN Music Songs: ‘3 Skinny Girls’ ‘Cigarillo’ ‘ ‘The Gutterati?’

My Fratellis CDs

The View:
Cds: (Hats Off To The Buskers)

The View.JPG
My The View CDs

The Crookes:
CDs: (Chasing After Ghosts, Soapbox, Lucky Ones)

My The Crookes

The White Stripes:

CD singles: (Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground)

White Stripes.JPG
My The White Stripes CDs

The Sunshine Underground:
iTunes Albums: (Raise The Alarm)

Funko pop vinyls:


Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]


Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego Batman 3

Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman

Green Lantern Rise Of The Manhunters

God Of War Ascension

Darksiders 2

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham City


Duke Nukem Forever


Deus X Human Revolution

Crysis 3

Crysis 2

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age 2

Dark Void

Space Marine

Resident Evil 4 HD (Digital Download)

Resident Evil Code Veronica HD (Digital Download)

Mass Effect 2

Wipeout HD (Digital Download)

Braid (Digital Download)

Dead Nation (Digital Download)

Super Stardust HD (Digital Download)

Bioshock 2 – w/Minerva’s Den DLC

Bioshock – w/Challenge Rooms DLC


God Of War Collection

InFamous (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Final Fantasy 13 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

The Godfather 2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Resident Evil 5

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots-Slipcase

Grand Theft Auto 4

Devil May Cry 4 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Call of Duty 4

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Killzone 2

Killzone 3

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

Red Faction Geurilla (SOLD- No Longer Own)


Batman Arkham Asylum (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock (with Guitar)

Far Cry 2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Resistance 3

Resistance 2

Resistance: Fall Of Man

F.E.A.R (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Dead Space 3

Dead Space (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Dark Sector (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Dark Void

Assassin’s Creed (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception GOTYE

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Heavenly Sword (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Ratchet & Clank Tools Of Destruction (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Prince Of Persia (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Grand Turismo 5 Prologue

Lost Planet Extreme Condition


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Trauma Centre: Second Opinion

Wii Sports

Super Mario Galaxy (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Mario Kart Wii

No More Heroes

Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Scarface The World Is Yours (SOLD- No Longer Own)

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Mortal Kombat: Deception (SOLD- No Longer Own)

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (SOLD- No Longer Own)


Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes

Metroid Prime

Super Mario Sunshine (SOLD- No Longer Own)

The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker

Metal Gear Solid : The Twin Snakes (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Zero (SOLD- No Longer Own)


Metal Gear Solid

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Resident Evil 2

Mortal Kombat Trilogy


Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Grand Theft Auto 3 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Final Fantasy 12 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Final Fantasy x-2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Final Fantasy x (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Devil May Cry

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

Resident Evil 4 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Resident Evil Code Veronica X

God Of War 2 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

God Of War (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Medal Of Honour Rising Sun (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Medal Of Honour Frontline (SOLD- No Longer Own)

The Matrix: Path Of Neo (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Enter The Matrix (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Second Sight (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Mortal Kombat Deception (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Maximo Vs. The Army Of Zin (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Judge Dredd Dredd Vs. Death (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 (SOLD- No Longer Own)

Monsters Inc. (SOLD- No Longer Own)


Super Mario 64

Mariokart 64

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Buck Bumble

Body Harvest

Command And Conquer

Doom 64

Turok 2

WWF Wrestlemania 2000

WWF No Mercy

WCW vs NOW Revenge

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Graphic Novels/Comics:

Judge Dredd:

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 1 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 2 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 3 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 4 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 5 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 6 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 7 TP

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 8 TP

Dredd Spines.JPG
My Judge Dredd


The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection HC

Batman Year One TP
Batman And The Monster Men TP
Batman And The Mad Monk TP
Batman The Man Who Laughs TP
Batman The Long Halloween TP
Batman Haunted Knight TP
Batman Shaman TP
Batman Venom TP
Batman Gothic TP
Batman Prey (W/Terror) TP
Batman Faces TP
Batman Trinity TP
Batman Four Of A Kind TP
Batman Collected Legends Of The Dark Knight TP –Featuring: Blades, Legends Of The Dark Mite, Hot House
Batman Dark Legends TP –Featuring: Mask, Images, Tao, Sanctum
Batman Blink TP
Batman Dark Victory TP

*Batman ‘Snow’ Digitally on Comixology
*Batman Detective Comics Issue 27 (‘Case of the Chemical Syndicate’) digitally on Comixology.
*Batman Issue 251 (‘Joker’s Five-Way Revenge’) digitally on Comixology.
*Legends Of The Dark Knight Len Wein Collection digitally on Comixology.

Batman The Black Casebook TP
Batman Tales Of The Demon TP
Batman Strange Apparitions HC

Batman Year Two Fear The Reaper TP
Batman Second Chances TP
Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight Norm Breyfogel Volume 1 HC
Batman Ten Nights Of The Beast TP
Batman Anarky TP
Batman Arkham Asylum A Serious House On Serious Earth TP
Batman The Cult TP
Batman The Killing Joke HC
The Many Deaths Of Batman TP
Batman Dark Knight Dark City TP
Tales Of The Batman Don Newton HC

*Tales Of The Batman Len Wein Collection digitally on Comixology.
*Batman Detective Comics Issue 574 (‘No Hope In Crime Alley’) digitally on Comixology.
Batman A Death In The Family (W/A Lonely Place Of Dying) TP
*Batman Issue 436-439 (‘Batman Year Three’) digitally on Comixology.
*Batman Issue 475-490 & Detective Comics Issue 642 digitally on Comixology.

Batman Sword Of Azreal TP
Batman Knightfall Vol. 1 TP
Batman Knightfall Vol. 2 TP
Batman Knightfall Vol. 3 TP

*Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Issue 21-23 (“Knightquest The Search”) digitally on Comixology.
*Justice League Task Force Issues 5- 6 (“Knightquest The Search”) digitally on Comixology.

*Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Issue 0, Detective Comics Issue 0 & Batman Issue 511 (“Zero Hour Tie In”) digitally on Comixology.
*Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Issue 32-34 (“Blades”) digitally on Comixology.
*Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Issue 192-196 (“Snow”) digitally on Comixology.

Batman By Doug Moench & Kelly Jones Volume 1 HC
*Batman Issue 526 digitally on Comixology.

Batman Contagion TP
Batman Legacy Volume 1 TP
Batman Legacy Volume 2 TP
Batman The Chalice TP

Batman The Ultimate Evil Part 1 TP
Batman The Ultimate Evil Part 2 TP
*Batgirl/Robin Year One digitally on Comixology.
Batman Gordon Of Gotham TP

Batman Cataclysm TP
Batman Road To No Man’s Land Vol. 1 TP
Batman Road To No Man’s Land Vol. 2 TP
Batman No Man’s Land Vol. 1 TP
Batman No Man’s Land Vol. 2 TP
Batman No Man’s Land Vol. 3 TP
Batman No Man’s Land Vol. 4 TP
*Batman Bullock’s Law digitally on Comixology

Batman New Gotham Vol. 1 Evolution TP
Batman New Gotham Vol. 2 Officer Down TP

*Batman Detective Comics Issue 764-765 (‘Hearts’) digitally on Comixology.
Batman By Ed Brubaker Volume 1 TP
Batman Bruce Wayne Murderer? TP
Batman Bruce Wayne Fugitive TP

Batman Hush TP
Batman Hush Returns TP
*Batman Gotham Knights Issues 73 & 74 (‘Payback’) digitally on Comixology.
Batman Broken City TP

Gotham Central In The Line Of Duty TP
Gotham Central Jokers and Madmen TP
Gotham Central On The Freak Beat TP
Gotham Central Corrigan HC

Batman City Of Crime TP
Batman Under The Hood TP
Batman Under The Hood Vol. 2 TP

Batman War Drums TP
Batman War Games 1 TP
Batman War Games 2 TP
Batman War Games 3 TP
Batman War Crimes TP

Batman Face The Face TP
Batman Arkham Asylum Living Hell TP

Batman The Black Glove Deluxe HC
Batman The Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul
Batman R.I.P TP
Batman Time & The Batman TP
Batman & Robin Reborn TP
Batman & Robin Batman Vs. Robin TP
Batman & Robin Batman & Robin Must Die TP
Batman The Return Of Bruce Wayne TP
Batman Incorporated HC

Batman Battle For The Cowl TP
Batman Long Shadows TP
Batman Life After Death TP
Batman Eye Of The Beholder TP
Batman Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?
Batman Dark Knight Vs. White Knight TP
Batman Arkham Reborn TP
Batman Europa HC

*Batman Issues 659-662 (‘Grotesk’) digitally on Comixology.

Batman Detective TP
Batman Death And The City TP
Batman The Private Casebook HC
Batman Heart Of Hush TP
Batman Streets Of Gotham Leviathan TP
Batman Streets Of Gotham Hush Money TP
Batman Streets Of Gotham House Of Hush HC

Batman Gates Of Gotham TP
Batman The Black Mirror TP

*Batman Issue 713 (‘Storybook endings’) digitally on Comixology.
*Batman The Dark Knight Returns Issue 1-4 digitally on Comixology.

Batman Cacophony TP
Batman The Widening Gyre TP
Batman Europa HC

Batman The New 52:

Batman Court Of The Owls TP
Batman & Robin – Born To Kill TP
Batman Detective Comics Faces Of Death TP
Nightwing Traps And Trapezes TP

Batman The Dark Knight Knight Terrors TP
Batman City Of The Owls HC
Batman Night Of The Owls HC
Nightwing Night Of The Owls TP
Batman & Robin Pearl TP
Batman Detective Comics Scare Tactics TP
Batman The Dark Knight Knight Terrors TP
Batman Death Of The Family HC
Batman & Robin Death Of The Family TP
Nightwing Death Of The Family TP
Batman Detective Comics Emperor Penguin TP
Batman Detective Comics The Wrath TP
Batman Year Zero – Secret City HC
Batman Year Zero – Savage/Dark City HC
Batman Incorportated: The Demon Star TP
Batman Incorporated: Gotham’s Most Wanted TP
Batman Graveyard Shift HC
Batman & Robin Vol. 4 Requim For Damian TP
Damian Son Of Batman TP

Nightwing Second City TP
Batman Detective Comics Gothtopia TP
Batman & Robin Vol. 5 The Big Burn TP
Nightwing Setting Son TP
Batman Detective Comics Icarus TP

Batman & Robin Vol. 6 The Hunt For Robin TP

Batman & Robin Vol. 7 Robin Rises TP
Batman Eternal Vol. 1 TP
Batman Eternal Vol. 2 TP
Batman Eternal Vol. 3 TP
Arkham Manor TP
Grayson Vol.1 – Agents Of Spyral HC
Batman Detective Comics Anarky TP
Batman Endgame HC
Batman Superheavy Vol 1 HC
Batman Detective Comics Blood Of Heroes TP

Batman Detective Comics Gordon At War TP
Robin War HC
Batman And Robin Eternal Vol 1 TP
Batman And Robin Eternal Vol 2 TP
Batman Superheavy Vol 2 Bloom HC
Batman Epilogue HC

Batman Rebirth:

Batman Rebirth I Am Gotham TP
Batman Rebirth I Am Suicide TP

Batman Elseworlds & Alternative Realities:

Batman Gotham By Gaslight TP
Batman Red Rain TP
Batman Crimson Mist TP
Batman Blood Storm TP
Batman Haunted Gotham TP
Batman Ego & Other Tales TP
Batman Manbat TP
Batman Odysessy TP
Batman Earth One TP
Batman Earth One Vol 2 HC
Batman Year 100 HC

The Batman Adventures Vol. 1 TP
The Batman Adventures Vol. 2 TP
The Batman Adventures Vol. 3 TP
The Batman Adventures Vol. 4 TP
Batman Madlove & Other Stories TP


Robin A Hero Reborn TP
Robin Triumph & Tragedy TP
Robin Flying Solo TP
Grayson Vol.1 – Agents Of Spyral HC

Batwoman Elegy TP

Digitally on Comixology: Rebirth Nightwing Vol 1-3; New 52 Red Hood & The Outlaws Vol. 1; New 52 Talon Vol. 1-2; We Are Robin Vol 1-2; Legends Of The Dark Knight Jim Apparo Vol 1-3

Rebirth Justice League Vol 1-4, New 52 Justice League International, New 52 Justice League United Vol 1-2, Rebirth Justice League Of America Vol 1-3, New 52 Justice League Of America Vol 1-2, JLA Power & Glory, JSA Thy Kingdom Come, New 52 Secret Origins Vol 1-2.

My Year One era and Pre Crisis Batman comics
My Post Crisis to Knightfall Batman comics
My Post-Knightfall era Batman Comics (including No Mans Land, New Gotham and Murderer/Fugitive)
My Hush to One Year Later era Batman comics
My One Year Later and Reborn Era up to Flashpoint Batman Comics
My New 52 era Batman Comics
…More New 52 Batman Comics
My DC You era Batman Comics
Rebirth Batman
My Rebirth Era Batman
My Elseworlds and non-cannon Batman Comics
My The Batman Adventures Comics

Justice League:

JLA Vol. 1 TP
JLA Vol. 2 TP
JLA Vol. 3 TP
JLA Vol. 4 TP
Justice League International

New 52 Justice League Vol 1- Origins HC
New 52 Justice League Vol 2- Villain’s Journey TP
New 52 Justice League Vol 3- Throne Of Atlantis TP
New 52 Justice League Vol 4- The Grid TP
New 52 Justice League Vol 5- Forever Heroes TP
New 52 Justice League Trinity War TP

New 52 Justice League Darkseid War HC

New 52 Forever Evil TP

Digitally on Comixology: Rebirth Justice League Vol 1-4, New 52 Justice League International, New 52 Justice League United Vol 1-2, Rebirth Justice League Of America Vol 1-3, New 52 Justice League Of America Vol 1-2, JLA Power & Glory, JSA Thy Kingdom Come, New 52 Secret Origins Vol 1-2.

New 52 Justice League
My New 52 Justice League
My Justice League Comics


Final Crisis TP

Identity Crisis TP

Digitally on comixology: Invasion Secret No More, Crisis on infinite earths, Zero hour crisis in time, Infinite Crisis, Kingdom Come, 52 Vols 1-4, Brightest Day Vol 1-3, The Multiversity, Convergeance, Convergence: Flashpoint, DC Universe Rebirth,

Green Lantern:

Green Lantern By Geoff Johns Vol. 1 Omnibus HC
Green Lantern By Geoff Johns Vol. 2 Omnibus HC
Green Lantern By Geoff Johns Vol. 3 Omnibus HC

Digitally on comixology: New 52 Green Lantern volumes 4-8
Green Lantern The Silver Age Vol 1, Rebirth Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Vol 1-3.

My Green Lantern Comics

The Flash:

The Flash By Geoff Johns Vol. 1 TP
The Flash By Geoff Johns Vol. 2 TP
The Flash By Geoff Johns Vol. 3 TP
The Flash By Geoff Johns Vol. 4 TP
The Flash Rebirth TP
The Flash The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues TP
The Flash Road To Flashpoint TP
Flashpoint TP
World Of Flashpoint Featuring Batman TP

Digitally on comixology: New 52 Flash volumes 1-8, Rebirth Flash Volumes 1-7
Rebirth Titans Volume 1-2. Flash The Silver Age Vol 1, Flash By Mark Waid Vol 1-4, Flash By Grant Morrsion.

My The Flash Comics


Superman Superman Vs Zod TP
Superman Superman Vs. Darkseid TP

Superman Birthright TP
Superman Action Comics New 52 Vol 1 TP

Digitally on Comixology: New 52 Superman vol 1-8, New 52 Action comics vol -1-8, Superman Unchained, H’el On Earth, Krypton Reborn,  Superman Doomed, Lois & Clark, Savage Dawn, The Final Days Of Superman, Rebirth Action Comics Vol 1-6, Rebirth Superman vol 1-6, Superman For Tommorow, The Death Of Superman, All Star Superman, A Superman For All Seasons, Man Of Steel Vol 1-9, Superman Earth 1 Vols 1-3,

My Superman Comics


The Watchmen TP
V For Vendetta TP
Maus TP
Tales From The Clerks TP

Misc Comics

Digitally on Comixology: New 52 Aquaman Vol 1-3. Wonder Woman Earth 1, New 52 Wonder Woman Vol 1-9.


Daredevil Born Again TP

Daredevil Guardian Devil TP

The Mighty Thor Ragnarok TP

Spiderman Learning To Crawl TP
The Amazing Spiderman The Parker Luck TP

Spiderman by Todd McFarlane HC

Spiderman Return Of The Burgler HC
Spiderman Revenge Of The Sinister Six HC

Spiderman’s Tangled Web Vol. 1 TP
Spiderman’s Tangled Web Vol. 2 TP
Spiderman’s Tangled Web Vol. 3 TP
Spiderman’s Tangled Web Vol. 4 TP

Venom HC

Spiderman 616.JPG
My Spiderman Comics
My Spiderman’s Tangled Web Comics

Ultimate Fantastic Four:

Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 1 – The Fantastic TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 2 – Doom TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 3 – The N Zone TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 4 – Inhuman TP
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 5 – CrossoverTP
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol 6 – Frightful TP

Ultimate F4.JPG
My Ultimate Fantastic Four Comics

Ultimate X-men:

Ultimate X-men Ultimate Collection 1 TP
Ultimate X-men Ultimate Collection 2 TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 5 – Ultimate War TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 6 – Return Of The King TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 7 – Blockbuster TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 8 – New Mutants TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 9 – The Tempest TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 10 – Cry Wolf TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 11 – The Most Dangerous Game TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 12 – Hard Lessons TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 13 – Magnetic North TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 14 – Phoenix? TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 15 – Magical TP
Ultimate X-men Vol 16 – Cable TP

Ultimate Spiderman:

Ultimate Spiderman Ultimate Collection 1 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Ultimate Collection 2 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 5 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 6 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 7 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 8 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 9 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 10 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 11 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 12 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 13 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 14 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 15 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 16 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 17 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 18 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 19 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 20 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 21 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 22 TP
Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 23 TP
Ultimate Spiderman The World According To Peter Parker TP
Ultimate Spiderman Chameleons TP
Ultimate Spiderman Death Of Spiderman Prelude TP
Ultimate Spiderman Death Of Spiderman TP
Spiderman Ultimate Marvel Team Up TP
Spiderman Ultimate Comics Spiderman Vol. 1 HC
Spiderman Ultimate Comics Spiderman Vol. 2 TP
Spiderman Ultimate Comics Spiderman Vol. 3 HC
Spiderman Ultimate Comics Spiderman Vol. 4 HC
Spiderman Ultimate Comics Spiderman Vol. 5 HC
Spidermen HC
Miles Morales The Ultimate Spiderman Vol.1 TP
Miles Morales The Ultimate Spiderman Vol.1 TP
Catacylsm: The Ultimate Last Stand HC

Ult Spiderman 1 onwards.JPG
My Ultimate Spiderman comics
Ult Spiderman 5 onwards.JPG
My Ultimate Spiderman continued…
Ult Spiderman 10 Onwards.JPG
My Ultimate Spiderman continued…
Ult Spiderman 16 onwards.JPG
My Ultimate Spiderman continued…
Ultimate Spiderman Chameleons.JPG
My Ultimate Spiderman continued…
Ultimate Spidermiles
My Ultimate Spiderman continued… (Miles Morales Era)

The Ultimates:

The Ultimates – Vol 1 – Superhuman TP
The Ultimates – Vol 2 Ultimate Collection TP
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up TP

Ultamite Avengers.JPG
My The Ultimates Comics

Ultimate Iron Man:

Ultamite Iron Man.JPG
My Ultimate Iron Man


Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.7 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.8 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.9 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.10 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.11 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.12 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.13 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.14 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.15 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.16 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.17 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.18 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.19 TP
Spawn: Origins Collection Vol.20 TP

My Spawn Comics
Spawn 2.JPG
My Spawn Comics continued.

Progressive Rock Bands – With NeoProg, Classic Rock Bands – with Hard Rock, ProtoPunk & Early Metal, Prog Metal Bands – with Djent & Post Metal, Misc Metal Bands Stoner/Doom/Sludge Bands, Nu Metal Bands, British Indie Bands, Alternative Bands – with Alternative, Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Post Hardcore, Grunge Bands, Video Games, Films & TV, Comics]

Film Dvds:

Kevin Smith – ‘Clerks X Edition,’ ‘Mallrats,’ ‘Chasing Amy,’ ‘Dogma-2DCED,’ ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back-2DCED,’ ‘Jersey Girl,’ ‘Clerks 2-2DCED,’ ‘Zack And Miri Make A Porno,’

Apatow/Rogen Gang – ‘The 40year Old Virgin-2DCED,’ ‘Knocked Up-2DCED,’ ‘Superbad,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshal,’ ‘Juno,’ ‘Pineapple Express,’ ‘Role Modles,’ ‘I Love You Man,’ ‘Observe and Report,’ ‘Year One,’

Will Farell type films: ‘Anchorman-2DCED,’ ‘Taledega Nights – Extended,’  ‘Step Brothers,’

My Comedy Films inc. Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow and Will Ferrel type films.

Tarrentino – ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ ‘Pulp Fiction-2DCED,’ ‘Jackie Brown-2DCED,’ ‘Kill Bill 1 & 2 Boxset,’ ‘Deathproof-2DCED,’

Other- ‘Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Of The Ring-2DCED,’ ‘Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers-2DCED,’‘Lord Of The Rings Return of the King-2DCED,’ ‘Scarface -2DCED,’ ‘Mortal Kombat,’ ‘Trainspotting-2DCED,’ ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Raging Bull,’ ‘Mystic River,’ ‘The Godfather 1,2 & 3 Boxset,’ ‘Wayne’s World,’ ‘Wayne’s World 2,’  ‘Baseketball,’ ‘Harry Potter years 1-3 Box Set,’ ‘Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire,’ ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix,’ ‘Monty Python-The Films boxset,’ ‘Bowling For Columbine,’

Superhero DVDs: ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Green Lantern’

My Superhero DVDs

Superhero Blu Rays: ‘Man Of Steel Blu Ray,’ ‘Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition Blu Ray,’ ‘Suicide Squad Blu Ray,’ ‘Wonder Woman Blu Ray,’ ‘Justice League Blu Ray’ ‘Batman Begins Blu Ray’ ‘The Dark Knight Blu Ray,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray,’ ‘HellBoy Blu Ray,’ ‘Hellboy 2 Blu Ray,’ ‘Dredd Blu Ray’ ‘The Watchmen Blu Ray,’ ‘Iron Man 1-3 Blu Ray Boxset,’ ‘Captain America 1-3 Blu Ray Boxset,’ ‘Thor 1-3 Blu Ray Boxset,’ ‘The Incredible Hulk Blu Ray’ ‘Amt Man Blu Ray’ ‘Spiderman Homecoming Blu Ray,’ ‘Hulk Blu Ray,’ ‘Avengers Assemble Blu Ray,’ ‘Avengers Age Of Ultron Blu Ray’ ‘Avengers Endgame Blu Ray,’ ‘Dr. Strange Blu Ray’ ‘Xmen First Class Blu Ray’ ‘Xmen Days Of Future Past Blu Ray’ ‘Xmen Apocalypse Blu Ray’ ‘Xmen Origins Wolverine Blu Ray’ ‘Fantastic 4 Blu Ray,’ ‘Deadpool 2 Blu RAY,’

My DC Superhero Blu Rays
My Marvel Superhero Blu Rays
My Other Superhero Blu Rays

Other Blu Ray: ‘Inglorious Basterds Blu Ray,’ ‘Inception – Triple Play Blu Ray,’ ‘Terminator Salvation –Director’s Cut Slipcase Blu Ray,’  ‘Funny People- 2DCED Blu Ray,’ ‘Get Him To The Greek Blu Ray,’

My Misc Other Blu Rays

Tv Show DVDs:

Men Behaving Badly: Six Pack Boxset, Jingle Balls, Last Orders

Peepshow: The Complete Seasons 1-6 Boxset

The Inbetweeners: Series 1&2 Boxset

Dexter – The Complete Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4

Band Of Brothers: The Complete Series boxset – Steelbook BLU RAY
Pacific: The Complete Series boxset – Steelbook BLU RAYw/Bonus DVD

The Sopranos: The Complete Series boxset

Family Guy: Season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Blue Harvest and Stewie Griffon The Untold Story

American Dad: Season 1,2,3 and 4

Southpark: Season 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 ,11, 12, 13, 14

My Animated Comedy DVDs

30 Rock: Complete The Collection Seasons 1-7 Boxset

Father Ted: Season 1, 2part1, 2part2 , 3

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy: Series 1 and 2

Absolute Power: Series 1

Spaced: Series 1&2 Boxset

Shameless: Series 1,2,3,4

How Do You Want Me: Series 1&2

My Name Is Earl: Series 1, 2

Brass Eye – Series and Special

The Day Today: The Complete Series

The Corner: The Complete Miniseries

The Sopranos: The Complete Series

Heroes: Season 2

Dave Ghrol:
DVDs: Sound City

My Sound City DVD

Sam Dunne:
Blu Ray: ‘Metal Evolution’

Metal Evolution Blu
My Metal Evolution Blu

Stand Up Comedian DVDs:

Dylan Moran: ‘Monster,’ ‘Like, Totally…’

Al Murray: ‘Live at the Palladium,’

Bill Bailey – ‘Bewilderness/Cosmic Jam,’

Rhod Gilbert ‘Award Winning Mince Pie,’ ‘The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst,’

Brendon Burns – So I Suppose This Is Offensive Now (LOST – No longer Own)

Stewart Lee – Carpet Remnant World


Irvine Welsh: Trainspotting, The Acid House, The Maribu Stork Nightmares, Ecstasy, Filth, Glue, Porno, Bedroom Secrets Of The Masterchefs, If You Liked School You’ll Love Work, Crime, Skagboys

My Irvine Welsh Books

Mario Puzo: The Godfather, The Sicilian, Omerta

Mark Winegardener: The Godfather Returns, The Godfather’s Revenge

My Puzo/Winegardener Books

J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter And Thee Chamber Of Secrets, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

Other: Moone Boy The Fish Detective by Chris O’Dowd and Nick Vincent Murphy, Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams,

Phillip Pulman: His Dark Materials 1-3 Boxset.

George R R Martin: Game Of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings, A Storm Of Swords parts 1&2, A Feast For Crows, A Dance With Dragons. A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms. Rogues.

My Game Of Thrones Books (A Song Of Ice & Fire)

J.R.R Tolkien – The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings parts 1,2 & 3

My Tolkien Books

Music Books:

Kids In The Riot: High And Low With The “Libertines” by Peter Welsh;

Threepenny Memoir by Carl Barat,

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell by Marilyn Manson and Neil Strauss;

Phil Lynott The Rocker by Mark Putterford,

Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin by Richard Cole,

Rat Salad Black Sabbath by Paul Wilkinson,

Iron Man by Tony Iommi,

I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne,

Slash by Slash,

Yesstories by Tim Morse,

A Passion Play: The Story Of Ian Anderson And Jethro Tull by Brian Rabey,

Slipknot: Inside The Sickness Behind The Masks by Jason Arnopp,

A Life In Metal by Dave Mustaine,

My Bloody Roots by Max Cavelera,

Lemmy: White Line Fever by Lemmy Kilmister,

Run To The Hills: Iron Maiden by Mick Wall,

I Shithead: A Life In Punk by Joey “Shithead” Keithley,

Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R Cross,

Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History Of Grunge by Mark Yarm

A-Z of Thrash Metal by Garry Sharpe-Young,

A History Of Heavy Metal by Andrew O Neill,

1000 Best Metal Albums by Martin Popoff,

Choosing Death by Albert Mudrian,

Lords Of Chaos by Michael Jenkins Moynihan,

My Music Themed Books

Audible Audio-books:

Music audiobooks:

Scott Ian – I Am The Man & Access All Areas,

David Elefson – My Life With Deth,

Bruce Dickinson – What Does This Button Do,

Motley Crue – The Dirt

Nikki Sixx – The Heroin Diaries,

Brian Head Welch – With My Eyes Wide Open,

Fieldy – Got The Life,

Yngwie Malmsteem – Relentless,

Duff McKagen – Its So Easy & Other Lies,

Sebastian Bach – 18 and life on Skid Row,

Paul Stanely – Face The Music,

Gene Simmons – Kiss and Make Up,

Jesse Fink – Bon Scott: The Last Highway .

Steven Styler – Does The Nosie In My Head Bother You?

Jimmy Page – The Definitive Biography,

Freddie Mercury – The Definitive Biography

Marilyn Manson – The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Nick Mason – Inside Out

Phil Collins – Not Dead Yet

Antonhy Kiedis – Scar Tissue

NoFX – The Hepatitis Bathtub & Other Stories,

Other Audiobooks:

Gorge RR Martin – A Games Of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings, A Storm Of Swords, A Feast For Crows, A Dance With Dragons

Comics Industry Audiobooks:

Marvel Vs DC Slugfest, Grant Morrsion Supergods, Marvel Comics The Untold Story, Amazing Fantastic Increddible A Stan Lee Memori

Drum Kit:

Electronic Drumkit:

Roland TD17KVX


Drum kit:

Pearl Export Elx 5 Piece Cobalt Fade + Hardware (14”x5.5″ Snare, 12”x9″ Tom, 13”x10″ Tom, 16”x16″ Floor Tom, 22”x18″ Kick)

Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 14”x11″ Tom
Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 10”x8″ Tom
Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 8”x7″ Tom

Pearl Cowbell

Tamma Iron Cobra Double Kicks

5 Premier Cymbal Boom Stands

Pearl Tom Arm

Stagg Clamp

Stagg Clamp and Boom Arm

Stagg Throne

Stagg Congas

Stagg Bongoes

Stagg Cow Bell


Zildjian: (18” Oriental China Trash, 18” A Custom Crash, 18” A Custom Rezo Crash, 20” A Custom Ride, 14” A Custom Hi Hats, 10” A Custom Splash, 10″ ZXT Flash-Splash)

Paiste: (18” 502 Crashride, 16” 302 Crash, 20” 302 Ride)


    • I litterally carried 30+ cds in a backpack on a 3hour standing trainride this week just to update it further.
      I hate when some cds are in my house n some are back at my parents n I need two photos for one band.


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