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The Grand Re-listening
*The Grand Relistening (TGR) is a project in which I have decided to listen to and possibly re-evaluate certain famous or important albums.
Most of these albums have been ingrained deep into my memory for up to a decade and the memories associated with them were mostly formed at a time when I had a completely different personality and understanding of music. I am Listening to them again to check whether or not my memory of the albums is so coloured with old and inaccurate information and judgments that the actual albums as recorded by the artists are noticeably different to what I remember the albums to be.*


Prt 26 – Reign In Blood



Prt 25 – Roots



Prt 24 – Moving Pictures



Prt 23 – RATM Debut



Prt 20 – Pearl Jam Ten



Prt 19 – Vulgar Display Of Power



Prt 18 – Nevermind



Prt 17 – Puppets



Prt 16 – Rust In Peace



Prt 15 – Antichrist Superstar



Prt 14 – Burn My Eyes



Prt 13 – Led Zep 4



Prt 12 – Korn’s Debut



Prt 9 – Electric Ladyland



Prt 8 – Number Of The Beast



Prt 7 – Guns N Roses



Prt 6 – Dookie



Prt 5 – Demanufacture



Prt 4 – In Rock



Prt 3 – Paranoid



Prt 2



Prt 1


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