** I play the drums and this page contains information and media about me as a drummer. Info at the top, videos in the middle and photos at the bottom. **

Basic Info
I started drumming at Christmas 2002. I started drumming seriously for gigging bands in Summer 2003 for four solid years.
I stopped drumming seriously September 2007 after moving country for University. I started seriously drumming again in October 2010 and continued for a few years, but when I became an adult I had to give it up. I bought a kit again in about late 2018 and try to squeeze some in every month or so.

My Influences
In Chronological order, from teens to ’20s…
Dave Grohl (QOTSA), Tre Cool (Green Day), Joey Jordinson (Slipknot), Shannon Larkin (Amen), Peter Stjärnvind (Entombed) Danny Schuler (Biohazard), Gary Powell (The Libertines/DPT) John Dolmayan (SOAD), Anders Herrick (Chimaira), Danney Carey (Tool), Brann Dailor (Mastodon)

This is a list of my favourite drummers (in no order) regardless of whether I like the bands… or if they influenced me or not:

John Weathers (Gentle Giant), Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Danney Carey (Tool), Chris Adler (Lamb of God) Matt McDonough (Mudvayne), Gary Powell (The Libertines/DPT), Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria), Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), Andols Herrick (Chimaira), Paul Bostaph (Forbidden/Slayer/Exodus/Testament) Trym Torson aka. Kai Johnny Mosaker (Zyklon/Emporer)

Here is a list of the equipment that I use:

Drum Kit:


Pearl Export Elx 5 Piece Cobalt Fade + Hardware (12”x9″ Tom, 13”x10″ Tom, 16”x16″ Floor Tom, 22”x18″ Kick)
Pearl Sensitone Steel Snare 14″ x 5″

Plus extra:
Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 14”x11″ Tom
Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 10”x8″ Tom
Pearl Export Elx Cobalt Fade 8”x7″ Tom

Pearl Cowbell

Tamma Iron Cobra Double Kicks

5 Premier Cymbal Boom Stands

Pearl Tom Arm x2

Tamma Snare Cradle

Stagg Clamp

Stagg Clamp and Boom Arm

Stagg Throne

Stagg Congas

Stagg Bongoes

Stagg Cow Bell

Yammaha DTXPLORER Electro Kit


Zildjian: (18” Oriental China Trash, 18” A Custom Crash, 18” A Custom Rezo Crash, 20” A Custom Ride, 14” A Custom Hi Hats, 10” A Custom Splash, 10″ ZXT Flash-Splash)

Paiste: (18” 502 Crashride, 16” 302 Crash, 20” 302 Ride)

Drumming Over Time

Drumming Over Time: Videos:

Video 4:
This video is a short collection of beats on a regular kit, from April 2011.

Video 3:
This video is a little collection of beats back on the electro kit, for the first time in about 10 months, from March 2011

Video 2:
This is a video of me playing a few beats in October 2010 after having not played drums for a full year and not having played this, my own kit since September 2007.

Video 1:
Ok, So here is a video of me playing a few non connected beats on an electro kit in July 2008 after having not played drums since September 2007.


  1. Ace new drumming video. A concious decision to not use the doubles or did you leave ’em in Stafford? Also amused by your instinctive catching of the cymbal at the end there.

    Really makes me want to record a few drumming videos, which I might do this week. They’ll probably sound like shit but I might be able to at least get a different angle.

    Also also, you mentioned they were audition vids: for what?


    • Ah, just the first time I ever recorded one was as an audition to some black metal band… so I have just got into the habbit of calling videos of just me drumming audition vids.

      Also good call on Band o blus… what is the real name though ?


      • Also… left the pedals in Stafford.

        Also… will do game photos RIGHT NOW…

        Used to have em, but it kept getting outdated.

        Also DO INDEED Blog copy the page, I wanna see.


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