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1,000 Albums That You’d Need To Have Heard To Truly Understand Metal


Fixing duplicate iTunes songs for free easily.

Context On My Opinions, And My Tastes Sorted By Geography
Praise For My Reviews
How I Organize My Music
How Much Music I Get Through
My First Ever Amazon Review
The Day The Blog Got A Lot Of Traffic
The Day The Blog Got A Lot Of Traffic 2
The Day The Blog Got A Lot Of Traffic 3

The Myth Of Poor Taste
What is fame and what is Metal?
What I Dislike About Bad Reviews
People Who Try To Say Djent Isn’t Real
Hostile and Unpleasant Metal Fans Online
Metal Fans Using Homophobic Language Online
Metal Fans Vehemently Hating Commercial Bands
Internet Users Directly Addressing Artists
Internet Piracy Thoughts
Internet Self Promotion Test

Vocal Cinematography
Personality In Music
Is Heaviness Subjective ?
Perfect Albums
Forgotten Gems: Studio
Forgotten Gems: Live
Original Bands And Genre-Bands
Lyricists, Top and Bottom Ten
Reissues Of Demos And Independent Albums
Greatest Hits
Types Of Audio That A Band Can Release
Title Tracks That Aren’t One Of The Best Tracks On The Album
Re-sequencing The Order Of The Tracks On An Album
Helloween Albums Ranked
A Week Of Tull
Tracks That I Am Sick Of Hearing
My Top 20 Albums Of 2011
My Top 20 Albums Of 2012
My Top 20 Albums Of 2013
Summer ’11 Forecast & Thoughts
2013 Forecast & Thoughts
What I Listened To Most In 2012
What I Listened To Most In 2013 Part 1
What I Listened To Most In 2013 Part 2
I Love St Anger
Cannibal Corpse Spoof Titles
How Frances The Mute By The Mars Volta Should Be Split Up
Rishloo Giveaway
Fake Pro-Illegal Downloads Post
Little Touches: What I Love About Music – Part 1
A Week Of Tull
A Week Of Thrash
Thrash Bands Putting Cover-Songs Mid-Album
Thrash Metal Thoughts
Hair Metal Thoughts
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Similar Intros 3

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Fact 1
Fact 2
Fact 3
Fact 4
Fact 5
Fact 6
Fact 7
Fact 8
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Misc Posts:
501st Blog Post
Vinyl Wall
Vinyl Wall Made Manifest
Band Logos Image
Band Logos Image 2
Alphabetic Record Collection
Photo Gob
The Shock Doctrine Meme
How to fix an iPod that is stuck on just displaying the Apple logo

Greatest Hits Series:
Motley Crue

Retired Former Full-On Menu-Pages:
Social Dysfunctional Disorder Meets OCD ? – Probably Not.
The KCP Playcount
The Bands That I Used To Play Drums In
Videogames Blog
Life Blog

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