Biohazard – Reborn In Defiance Review

Biohazard – Reborn In Defiance

Biohazard – Reborn In Defiance

Biohazard are a long running and classic band among fans of a certain generation, who came out in the early nineties with a sound that mixed together NY-Hardcore, Thrash Metal and Rap Music, resulting in a then innovative and distinct sound. They released eight studio albums until they temporarily disbanded after 2005’s magnificent but critically panned Means To An End album.

After a seven-year gap between studio albums; the band got back together, this time with the `Classic Line-Up’ for the first time on record since 1994’s State Of The World Address album, to release 2012’s Reborn In Defiance.

While you may expect the Classic Line-Up to put out an album that mostly sounds like the band’s first three records, the end result is actually closer to a mixture of everything they’ve been doing since then, and all the separate styles that they’ve incorporated into their sound along the way.

Stylistically half the album, including the pre-released tracks `Skullcrusher’ and `Vengeance Is Mine,’ is very much in the same mould as their previous album Means To An End, in terms of straight forward crushing and enjoyable, grooving Hardcore Metal, in a sort of post-Hatebreed reinterpretation of their signature sound. The other half of the album is a lot more melodic and slightly experimental in a similar vein to the lighter moments from their Uncivilization and New World Disorder albums.

If you are just a casual Biohazard fan then unfortunately this album probably won’t radically change your opinion of the band, it isn’t an absolute Tour De Force that will go down in history as an undoubted classic. If you are a fairly strong Biohazard fan however then this is a nice addition to the catalogue that will keep you happy, a welcome collection of some more Biohazard songs that ties together somewhat the different styles of the previous few albums and brings the various experimentations therein to a logical conclusion.

Overall; Reborn In Defiance is a good album, it isn’t out and out the best thing that the band have ever done and it isn’t likely to win over anyone who already dislikes Biohazard, but is certainly worth checking out if you already follow the band and is nowhere near a disappointment. I already like the band a lot and have found it to be a pretty enjoyable album that gets better with repeat listens.

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