Pearl Jam – Backsapcer Review

Pearl Jam - Backsapcer

Pearl Jam - Backsapcer

Pearl Jam’s ninth studio album Backspacer has probably grown to become my favourite Pearl Jam album to date, I did like it initially, but even so it just grew on me more and more with every listen. The album was released in 2009 and saw the band strip back their sound to deliver a light a fun set of rock songs with a new wave influence alongside some wonderful ballads and quieter moments.

The album is fairly short and easy to digest, there isn’t a great deal of complexity in the songwriting, no overly challenging artistic tracks can be found either. Rather than make for a dull and forgettable record, Backspacer is a revelation because of this; one of the tightest and most concise records in the Pearl Jam catalougue that delivers good time vibes and tear-to-the-eye moments in equal measure.

Standout songs include the fun ‘Johnny Guitar,’ and ‘Got Some,’ as well as the powerful ‘Force Of Nature,’ and ‘Amongst The Waves,’ but in fairness, every single track is good, this is a thoroughly consistent album, bordering on the flawless.

If you really liked the direction of the previous three Pearl Jam records, Backspacer may be something of a shock, but give it a fair chance and you’ll be rewarded with one of the band’s best works to date.

I highly recommend Backspacer. I haven’t listened to a Pearl Jam album so frequently for so long after its initial release in years. Its not big and its not complicated, but it is pretty much a perfect album nonetheless.

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